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By cubby On 02/08/02

Click on purses. I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time and I know I could make a cooler, better one for less than 75 bucko-s!

-- cubby

By gadgetgirl On 02/08/02  

get stuffed!
What are they thinking?
At SCP there's a pic or two of a cigar box purse.

By Elf_Chick On 02/08/02  

we have a macanudo cigar box exactly like one used for one of the purses in the desk drawer here this's used to hold pencils.

i like the use of the cloisonné beads in the handles. But $75 is far too much, i don't care who made it! Man, just slap some lining paper in there, attatch a clasp and make a handle; done!!


By loudxmouse On 02/08/02  

my dad loves cigars
for cmas we got him chocolate cigars from godiva. that would make a rad purse. OOOOO
*runs off and grabs his box*


By vicky_vale On 02/08/02  

yeah - lady miss kayte made a cigar purse !!!
it's on the scp site !

I use to be a cigar girl in a former life ( 1999 San Diego Street Scene )

I'd have to say that may favorite are Vanilla Milds ( The big fat phallic looking ones ) and only if I am drinking.

By overcoat On 02/08/02  

that's terribly cute! But $75 is way too much. Now I must keep an eye out for little cigar boxes.

By CraftyChicaAZ On 02/08/02  

No WAYYY!! Do you know i buy cigar boxes here for 2 bucks each just like the ones they have on that site?

That's it, I'm doing a DIY on this project for the crafty chica so people can make their own stylin' bag!! if it were say $40 or so - even $50 with rhinestones or glitter on it for embellishments or something, I'd say cool beads, you know promoting the arts, etc...But $75.00 a pop is just HOTEL SELF SERVICE BAR! You know, like a Snickers for 8.00??

I just used a bunch of cigar boxes for valentines wall shrines>

By ladymisskayte On 02/10/02  

yipes! yes, my cigar box purse is on scp and at least i vothered to decorate mine! maybe i should start selling them. let's see, if an undecorated box is worth $75, then i could make a decorated one for say, $125, i'd be in business!!!!

By contessa On 02/12/02  

She didn't even do anything to them! No decoupage, no embellishments...nothing...for $75???? That is insane. The string of cloisonne beads as a handle is nominal...where does she come up with the expensive price tag?
She's even SOLD one! OMG...

That's it...I'm going to go chat up my old boss at the cocktail lounge I used to work at and get all the empty cigar boxes that he just throws an experiment I'll make some up and sell them for $25 on my website and see what happens.

By nicole On 02/12/02  

do you know where you would get used cigar boxes and how you would make the handle?

By esoterica On 02/12/02  

Wow. What a ripoff. Mr. esoterica and I get cigar boxes at JR Cigar for $.25. I never thought of using them to make purses. I keep my weed in them. :)

By cubby On 02/19/02 there some kind of trade you and I could work out that I could get some of those awesome cheap cigar boxes from you? Are they paper/cardboard or wooden?

I could pay for all the shipping!

*wink wink*

-- Jasmine

By CraftyChicaAZ On 02/12/02  

go to and type in "cigar box purses" and a whole bunch of sites will come up. it's neat to see all the variations of one idea!

By libby On 02/13/02  

Aaack! $75 for slapping a handle on the cigar box!? I got a load of boxes from a cigar-smoking friend who got them from a local smoke shop - ran me about $.25-$1 each and many are the wooden types. I can't believe that person is actually selling something like this at those prices! I mean, you get the feeling that this is some special artsy handmade thing but in reality I don't see where this person did anything all that special. However - I do like some of the web site - like being able to click and see if she's in any shows (not like I'd go to check out her $75 little boxies) because I think this would be a good thing for glitter gals to include on their sites. Geez - $75 - I am numb with shock....

By mithridatechild On 02/13/02  

does someone want to send me a cigar box? ooh. pretty please... it's so cute! almost as cute as lunch boxes.

By Dilettante On 02/19/02  

where do you get that little screw on thingie that she attached the handles to?

By cleanout On 02/19/02  

crafty chica - so you take the lids off of the boxes to make the shadow boxes?

By PlasticHeart On 02/19/02  

Actually, $75 is on the low end of the cigar box purses I have seen. At Fred Segal in Santa Monica they have cigar box purses for $125-150. They are decorated with shiny paper and have little toys stuck to them like frogs and butterflies. Inside one side is lined with cheap velvet and the other side has a mirror and some rhinestones glued on. The handles are made with plastic beads.
I guess cigar stores in LA have caught on, because even in the past few months some of the places that used to give me boxes for free have been charging up to $5 a box. Although one store gave me a few in exchange for a decorated box.

By garycolemanrock On 02/21/02  

For those who are interested in cigar boxes with more than just a handle and a $125 price tag attached, you should go to Some of the purses are painted or have other embellishments, all have beaded handles and, best of all, most of them are only $35. After looking at them, I was really inspired to make some for friends.
By the way, I'm a little technologically impaired. How do you insert links into a posting?

By CraftyChicaAZ On 02/21/02  


Yes, I do remove the lids - but I use them for other projects. Sometimes I leave the lids attached and add a little knob so the shadowbox has a door that opens. Also I've cut a hole out of the center of the lid so that it like a door with a little window. Hope that makes sense!!!

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