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By nicole On 01/31/02  

i'm facing blank walls in a new house and i'm reluctant to go with the expected framed art or candleholders. does anyone have any different ideas for what to put on walls? i saw a photo in a magazine once of a red tricycle hung on a wall and i haven't been able to get it out of my head. i once wallpapered my walls in three dimensional cereal boxes which i loved but now i'm looking for more of a "grown-up" feel.


By gingergirl On 01/31/02  

Cereal boxes! How crazy and cool!

On my bedroom wall, I've hung a pair of wings that I made for a Halloween costume a few years ago (out of wire and tights)... I'm not sure that's more "grown-up", but I really like the way they look over the head of my bed. And they were super-easy to make (if a pain to wear).

By Halonine9 On 01/31/02  

You could just cool picture frames without any pictures in them.
Hang an Indian tapestry or any kind of blanket that is neat looking.
Hang sheets on the wall in a billow shape.
If you are into music, there is always covering the walls with cd's or records.
Of course if you own the house, the best thing to do is to paint. Make murals or something on the walls.
Good luck

By amaryllis On 01/31/02  

i love the idea of hanging large objects on walls. if your walls can handle them and you have the proper tools (studfinder, drill, etc) you could hang almost anything...a mannequinn form, an old bike, old windows, old doors, i think it would even be cool to cover plywood with a cool fabric and hang those up to give that 3 dimensional feel.

By Dilettante On 01/31/02  

find any cool 3-dimensional item and hang it from hooks on the wall. in my livingroom i have some wooden blocks that have reverse-photo images on them, i imagine they were used in printing, and they hang from cup hooks all over one wall. other ideas ...

3 of anything makes a statement -- 3 bicycle tires?

make small wood boxes that you paint the same color as your wall, affix them to the wall with screws, and then put a piece of colored glassware on top of each box to display it.

go to a cigar store and ask if you can have some of their empties. they may give them to you or ask for $1 or something. they're usually made of thin wood covered with beautiful, highly colorful paper labels in spanish -- hang them all over the wall, lid "pointing" down. you could even put a fun surprise in each box so when you pull up the lid, there's something inside! i've been collecting boxes to do this, just haven't gotten to it yet.

take a photo you like and have it blown up to poster size. then cut the photo into 4 or 6 equal sized pieces, and frame each piece separately. then mount the frames on the wall in either the correct order again OR mix them up so it's like a puzzle!

By danielepea On 01/31/02  

Did you ever find a really cool dress or something at a thrift store that totally wasn't your size, but you loved it anyway? You could hang that on your wall.

I also like the idea of windows. I've seen an old window (with the "grid" in them) cool paper and other adornments put behind the glass and then hung on a wall. That might be fun to do.

By madgeylou On 01/31/02  

i have tons of old vintage handbags on my walls, a gorgeous flamenco shawl, and lots of clothes.

the clothes are fun cause you can change the outfits around for different seasons or depending on your mood.

i have a lot of shoes, too, which are groovy but not that comfy, so i decorate with those (neatly lined up on shelves, used as bookends, etc).

i also saw something cool in elle decor UK (i am so addicted to that mag!) where they strung tons of ribbon along a doorway. i imagine it would look cool on a wall too ... then you could pull it aside as like a curtain and have something cool underneath it.

in one of the places i used to live, they had hung one of those old lady shopping carts on the wall and filled it with random junk and christmas lights ... a blow-up electric guitar, a toy godzilla, all kinds of stuff.

have fun!

By vampygrrl On 01/31/02  

just a thought: you should paint a huge window on the wall and make curtains with nice fancy draperies. it would look really neat and plus if you made them really fancy, you will a sense of aristocracy :)


By karalynn On 01/31/02  

i like old iron gates. also an old schwinn bike looks super cool hanging on a hallway wall or above a mantle maybe. instead of framed pictures, framed textiles look great. frame vintage linens for the kitchen or different fabrics with something in common like colors, or they are all striped in different frames for a grouping. a collection of hats can be cool on one wall. i also saw on "trading spaces" where they did drawings of a super simple matisse on the wall and painted it. then they did a frame around it with a light.

By GranolaMom On 01/31/02  

My husband made us a bunch of unusual kites from thin wooden dowels and japanese rice paper and some using old maps. They are all very 3 dimentional, pyramid styles and two are box kites. They are beautiful, light and easy to hang and cheap to make.

By farce On 01/31/02  

well im not sure if this is grown up either but, im not allowed to paint my walls so i made water color mermaids,hula dancers, flowers and polka dots and taped them to the walls using double sided tape. it looks pretty neat i have to say. i also had this big piece of hot pink pop arty flower material that i hung on the wall. you could make a tripdic or a light box and hang that up too. i dunno just some suggestions...

By eengah On 01/31/02  

I know this sounds odd, but in the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Janeane Garofalo's character has a cute, simple chair (a plain wooden one painted all cute, I think) hanginng by her door. The back is attached to the wall. Besides being cute, if you hang it at the right level, you could probably use the seat as a table or shelf or something.

Also, I really like the look of covering a wall in book pages.

love Rebecca

By ladymisskayte On 01/31/02  

oh i love this topic!!!!! we have to hang all sorts of crazy things on the wall at anthropologie when we do new displays.
on of them is a dress dipped in wax. it's incredible looking.
-they also did a million forks and spoons nailed into the wall in different patterns which looks so cool.
-you can cut different sizes of perspex in pop art colors and string them up from the ceiling against the wall to make a really cool hanging
-glue halves of styrofoam balls all over the wall. paint them and the wall the same color.
-get or make canvas stretched on frames and cover completely with fake flowers. hang three of them next to each other.
i also like empty frames, doors, found objects, etc.
oh, this stuff makes me so happy. i'm such a dork

By madgeylou On 02/01/02  

isnt there someone on glitter who covered their walls with blue astroturf?

that would be SWEET! you could even make it green astroturf, then make a bunch of coffee filter flowers and have them poking out from the grass ... like a vertical meadow.

hey i just may have to do this now!

By geena vee On 02/01/02  

I LOVE all these ideas people are throwing out.

I'm really into quilts, especially the op art/geometric designs, and I've put up a sort quilt-inspired (or mosaic-inspired) arrangement on a very large living room wall. I've used hand-printed Japanese papers, cut them up and arranged them in a quilt-like design on the wall (big peices) which allow me to enjoy each print seperately (their details are gorgeous) and also enjoy the overall effect. I was inspired by Kitty Pippen's book "Quilting with Japanese Fabrics". Framing them or glueing them in boxes and then arranging them would also work. I've thought of repeating the idea with brightly-coloured retro-inspired paper that is being sold in gift-wrap stores right now (the paper is too nice to use as gift wrap!).

I've used paper, but you could use printed fabric, painted canvas, plastic-coloured sheets, glass and mirrors, peices of wood that have been covered different coloured collages, whatever. You could choose non-printed brightly coloured peices and arrange them with black frames, giving them a "stained-glass" look.

One idea I have that I've going to get around to is making a big kaleidoscope-like collage on canvas for a big wall, either with paper or fabric. Check out Paula Nadelstern's website for inspiration. Also, Jinny Beyer (another quilter) has some amazing geometric quilts.

By nicole On 02/01/02  

thank you, thank you for all of these creative ideas! i'm so excited to start collecting supplies. nicole

By retro zenith On 02/01/02  

everyones ideas are really great!!

when I got my computer, I saved the styroafoam packing inserts. not peanuts but large pieces used to keep the stuff from moving in the boxes.
I decided that they looked really architectural. Some of them have an almost skeletal quality. I decoupaged 'em and hung 'em on the wall.

Just goes to show, any thing can be art if you just put a little of yourself into it:) okay, I am a dork. I am just really inspired by everyones comments.

By guessica On 02/01/02  

this is a fabulous topic - everyone has such great ideas! i completely want to try that fork thing - now to track down all that silverware . . .

i have seen old wooden headboards that would be cool on any blank wall, also old musical instruments - an old trombone or a trumpet, or even an empty case for one of these things.

on my own blank wall i've got an unusual item found in the trash of a tattoo shop that was going out of business - it's a large, painted plywood heart tatoo emblazoned with "MOM."

if you found something too wonderful to pass up but too cumbersome to mount on the wall, you could always suspend it from the ceiling directly in front. that might be interesting.

By Dilettante On 02/01/02  

kayte, what's perspex?

By RunAMC22 On 02/01/02  

in that old old tv show "clarissa explains it all" she had hub caps on her wall. would look really chick with black and white photos interspersed between the hubcaps.

By ladymisskayte On 02/01/02  

perspex is like plexiglass sheets i guess. it comes in all these colors. i always read about it in elle decoration uk. you could get soeone to cut it for you and drill holes in the 4 corners, then suspend them with wire.

By susan*s On 02/01/02  

I really love the way handbags and dresses look on walls. i have about 6 purses up on my studio wall, I just take one down when i want to carry it, then put another up in its place.

Nicole, you have some beautiful dresses--they would look incredible on the walls!

By samson On 02/01/02  

I used to have shoes nailed to my walls, which looked pretty darn cool. It started when I saw some Chinese red lacquer shoes that didn't fit me, but I could part with them...

Also, my friend has a crapload of those tall Mexican candles on her bedroom walls. She wrapped wire around each one below the little lip thing and then hung them on nails. It's a really cool take on candles, I think. Especially since they have a real floaty look.

I also like to paint my walls crazy-like, but you're probably renting. That never stops me, but then again, I haven't gotten a whole lot of my deposits back. He he.


By A. On 02/02/02  

ooooooh, the candle thing sounds gorgeous sepiatone! I think it's the closest one could ever get to the Harry Potter dining hall effect in real life. Must try....

By teagrrl On 02/02/02  

I just put up patterned origami paper on my walls (I finally found some paper!!!), arranged in a pattern. It looks kind of like tiles.

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