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By meggiekate38 On 01/06/02  

I know it seems like a bit early to be thinking of Valentine's day, but I know if I don't get started now that it won't get done. I want to make my boyfriend something really awesome for V-day, but I'm a bit limited because he's living in Spain now so I can't make him like cute heart shaped waffles or something equally cheesy. And a mix cd seems like kind of a cop out, plus I made him one for his birthday. Anyway, do you guys have any great mushy (yet tasteful) Valentine's craft ideas?

By shuttrrbug On 01/06/02  

i hope this thread gets lots of replies...i am totally lacking in the creativity department lately.

By grayseed On 01/07/02  

yeah, i'm kind of at a loss too... it's our first vday together, and it's my first vday when i havent been single, so i have zero experience here...

By PlasticHeart On 01/07/02  

embroider your initials with a heart around them on pillow cases. . . or on boxers. not only is this romantic, but boys always need more underwear and linens (and he won't get too embarrassed to use them because you are the only one that will see them).

By rsunshine On 01/16/02  

i am stealing ideas from so many places this year - i am embroidering my husband several pairs of boxers, on pair will say "votre ane est le mien" -your ass is mine (blatantly thieved from right here on glitter:), on the butt, and the others will have various other silly things we say(in other languages...) and i bought a wooden cigar box, "te-amo" brand (i love you, en espanol)
which i am putting a bike shop gift cert in -
for my pallies, hair sticks, silly cards, and homemade truffles (recipe from glitter, too:)

By caroslime On 01/07/02  

Last year I made a small heart-shaped beanbag out of old dark red courderoy (how DO you spell that stuff?). It was about 4 or 5 inches across. I stuffed it with rice and stitched it shut. Then I handsewed a smaller heart onto the front that was in a plain, grey fabric and then hand stitched "Dave and Caroline" and then smaller "Feb 14, 2001" onto the grey heart. The handsewn type was appropriately messy and very endearing. I'm going to make one every year so we end up with a cool basket of little fabric beanbag hearts. I also made these for my family for christmas this year. Took about an hour or so for each one. Fill with wild rice. Trust me, I experimented and wild rice feels the best. Do not fill with uncooked soybeans. They suck.

By meggiekate38 On 01/07/02  

These are cute ideas. Thanks girls! Keep em comin!

By pinkO On 01/07/02  

last v-day i made someone a heat shaped box which you could paint/decoupage and filled it with two tiny bottles of tequila (his liquor of choice). it was greatly appreciated, and i thoguht it was a pretty cool, simple way to go for someone i didn't know terribly well but i thought was cool.

By SmudgyCat On 01/07/02  

i wish i could craft an ergonomic keyboard for my guy.

maybe i'll do a gift certificate redeemable for when i have money.


By kickarse On 01/07/02  

We usually get all crafty around Valentine's Day... Sometimes I buy him something and put it in a decoupaged box. One year I made him an illustrated journal filled with quotes about him from my diary. One year he got me a spice rack thing that had little cork-topped bottles on it and he filled the bottles with love notes, like little "message-in-a-bottle"s.

By Thimplithity On 01/08/02  

Hmmm... Im at a loss for what to get a guy... Personally, as a guy, I would love some really cute, romantic crafty stuff... but that might be a little sappy for most guys... but hey! its valentines day right?
Anyways... Im all hyped about what to give my girlfriend for valentines day! This will be my first un-alone valentines day ever!!!
For our one month anniversary (I know... :) tommorrow, I got her an antique milk-glass choker from 1950, and I made a box for it out of my favorite Monet christmas cards.
For Valentines day... Maybe we can help eachother... Ive been finding(while antiquing) the most adorable antique romantic postcards... and I really wanna make something out of them... I dont have many ideas though...

I was thinking maybe to make a journal and use the pictures as a cover, then I could photocopy all the messages from the back and cut out the words to leave random little messages on the pages.

Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated... I REALLY wanna use the Postcards.

By ladyjane On 01/08/02  

Thimplicity, your'e a Guy?! That rocks! We thought all the guys were gone from this board, welcome.

My sweetie once bought a diary-style journal, and filled it with loving, inspirational quotes.

I think your journal idea sounds wonderful, Thimp!

BTW, your screen name rocks!

By vespabelle On 01/08/02  

I saw an awesome exhibit of funkily decorated heart shaped boxes. Get a candy box. EAt candy (or throw it away if it's Russel Stover!) Decorate the lid with decoupage or little army men or plastic animals or rhinestones or something like that. fill box with fun stuff.

I once gave my friend (now husband) a box full of weird things I'd picked up. Each had a sticky label on them with some saying. A box of pearls (faux) said "Pearls of Wisdom" and an old key said, "The key to my Pinto" (because I was afraid to say heart because of so many complicated reasons!). There was a broken watch in there, a marble, some pennies, and other junk. It resides in his junk basket to this day. (aawwwww twue wuv!)

By appledog On 01/08/02  

never underestimate the power of an elaborate matisse-esque valentine made out of colorful construction paper,cut and pasted to your liking, kindergarden-style. I especially like the teqnique of writing something in glue and then covering it in glitter...mmm...takes me back

By neon_pixie On 01/09/02  

Not trying to be disrespectful, but does anybody have a craft that is not heart-related? Just because my boyfriend's not big on hearts!.. :)

p.s. This will be my first un-alone valentine's day too!

By Penrose On 01/09/02  

How 'bout chickens? :P Remember on Sesame Street, the kid said, "What if we celebrated Valentine's Day with chickens instead of hearts?" then I *think* she said, "I love you, with all my chicken."
My husband once sent me an email saying 'Chickens have hot beaks. Do you have a hot beak?'
He's not insane, really he isn't. :)

By Begin again On 01/09/02  

Last year me and the beloved made dinner for each other, but w/o telling each other beforehand so it was a surprise. a little complicated when it came to needing the kitchen at the same time, but as we're both foodies (and couldn't afford a swank meal out) it was really fun. i did starter and dessert and he did the main course. the grand finale was my anatomically styled heart cake, using blue and red frosting to represent the left and right ventricals and licorice for veins (or would that be arteries?)

I like the journal idea, Thimp. Or you could decoupage a picture frame with them and include a photo of yourself with your beloved. sounds like you have good taste, so don't fret!

By porknewton On 01/09/02  

once i got my boyfriend a card w/ a fly on the front that said, "you are the apple of my compound eyes"
i almost fell over laughing in the store when i saw it. unfortunately, he didn't think it was as funny as i did. but still!

By Kit-Kat On 01/20/02  

Same here! Every thing they sell is all too cutsey. Not ALL guys like pink and red fuzzy animals (someone tell wal-mart) I like the boxer idea, but not for me. Any other ideas?

By soggybean On 01/14/02  


please, anyone with good ideas...
I asked the movie theater if I could have a Royal Tennenbaums poster when they were done with it, and I was thinking about getting him this cute coffee measuring spoon from femail creations catalog, but I totally can't afford it!

help, glitterati!

By kari-star On 01/14/02  

I might have posted this before, but I had a long mutual secret crush with my beau before we got together, so last year I took a science magazine with lots of glossy animal pictures and weird headlines, printed all of my old emails to my friends about my tortured love, and how lame I was about not admitting I was so secretly in love, and all of their emails to me about how I was crazy and he was secretly in love with me, and his and my emails to each other, where we were carefully banter-ful and non-in love to each other, and I pasted a whole "before we were together" magazine together for him.

kind of requires some kind of correspondence, tho'.

I have NO IDEA what to do this year. sucks.

By Punky Brewster On 01/14/02  

I took a heart shaped candy box, recovered it with black paper, and glued rubber bugs and reptiles all over it. Inside, I filled it with confetti, and candy and more rubber bugs, snakes, lzards, spiders, etc. On the outside, I wrote "Do you love me?" which is from a creepy Nick Cave song.
It was very gothy, much appreciated and very personal. The icky recipient is now thankfully gone from my life, but the crafty memory lingers on! :)

By thriftychica On 01/14/02  

I am on a fortune cookie kick. I think I want to buy a clear or colored chinese pail (maybe pink?) and make my own cookies. Then make fortunes that say stuff about love or our future, etc...

I'm just wondering what salad oil is? Anyone know? (It's part of the fortune cookie recipe.)


By donna dora On 01/15/02  

our first valentines, i got my b.f. a little casiotone and he got me bob dylan's desire on vinyl.

By Tigrrrl On 01/15/02  

I have stolen all sorts of ideas from glitter for my guy's v-day gift this year. He's into poetry, so i'm gonna make a little booklet full of love poems (including some of those ee cummings from another thread.)

I got the instructions for making the book from a link from a link from another thread. Here's the instructions:

I also found a recipe for maraschino cherry cake recently, so I'm making that with pink frosting for *me* for valentine's!

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