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By elemental On 11/18/01  

I just saw this in the newspaper today - little drink charm bracelets to go on the stem of wine glasses to tell who's drink glass is who's.

whoa - long url.

Anyway, there was a picture (not online tho) of the bracelets...they used irridescent dark grey glass beads with a large gold charm and gold clasp - very cute.

By Lu On 11/19/01  

not helpful to anyone, but: hey! you live in portland! I saw those too and planned on making some for the holidays! I thought it might be cool to use different color beads on each one,too.

By siwrl On 11/19/01  

I saw a really cute version of these in a Chiasso shop. To see them, go to and look under the Tabletop icon, then under the Barware.
Here's a link:>

They're wine glass tags with swank compliments on the tags. I thought about buying some, but it might be more fun to make!


By Lacie On 11/19/01  

I've seen something like this here & there,at overpriced gift shops etc. I'd gotten the impression the beads were threaded on elastic, however, in order to fit over the wine glass base. That's how I'd make them, anyway. If I drank wine often enough with that many guests, that is....

By lulu belle On 11/19/01  

I've made a lot of these, and I've sold about a million of them at art shows. You can use those earring looking things, (like a silver circle with a clasp on one end). Or, I usually use a slinky thing they carry at my bead store. I put the beads and charms on, then just turn over the ends.

You can also use old jewelry charms for your wine charms. I have made some really cute ones that way.


By teagrrl On 11/19/01  

Oh yeah, I saw drink 'bracelets' this summer but I'd totally forgotten about them! My mom was this close to buying some (but the ones we saw were really posh and expensive, so she didn't buy any), so now I have an idea for a gift for her...

By vespabelle On 11/19/01  

I saw those too.

I really hate those little threaded barrel necklace thingies. they are so darn hard to put together and then they seem to come apart too when you don't want them too!

I would think that maybe elastic would be a better way to go because they would be easier to get on and easier to remove after you had drunk all that wine!

now, we need a crafty way to mark our guest's high-ball glasses!

By jo On 11/19/01  

I made 120 of the suckers as favours at my recent wedding.
I used the slinky stuff lulu mentioned - I used ring sized memory wire. Strung mine with crystal and metal beads, and added grape and leaf beads on end. In the middle I added people's intials as the identifier, I put them on a head pin, so they were the dangly bit.
the memory wire works well, don't need to worry about a clasp.

By evilducky On 11/19/01  

I made a bunch this past summer... i used hoop earring rings from my bead store...much easier for this plier-challenged person...

By Astrea On 11/21/01  

This has nothing to do with the conversation, but I just wanted to say hello to my fellow Oregonians. I go to school in Eugene, so we are practically neighbors :-)

By cassandle On 11/21/01  

i just need to share this: i saw a pack of 6 or these at a very swanky 'crafty' (read: teddy bears and potpourri) gift shop for... wait for it $60!!! i burst out laughing, which earned me a nasty look from the lady. they were butt-ugly, too.

By teagrrl On 11/21/01  

Here are some more pictures:

By Elf_Chick On 11/21/01  

i've seen those around at little overpriced boutiques in Dallas.

Not something i would buy, but then i don't have soirees or wine-tastings very often....


By history midterm On 11/21/01  

Hey, I saw those too for the first time on Saturday, I went to South Street (Philadelphia) before my CAKE concert and I saw those at a hip bead store. They are probably VERY easy to make, too.

CAKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By susan*s On 11/21/01  

First, Jo, you are a GODDESS!! Making 120 of those things for your wedding with people's initials? Does you husband KNOW how lucky he got?!?

Also, hi to all the Oregon girls! We should get together & craft, I guess make these things? I have to admit that I snobbily thought they were kind of ugly in the paper. I'm sure with other charms they would be cool. I'm just so over the moon 'n' stars thing!!

Seriously though, if you want to have a craft night again soon, we should!! I'll hostess or maybe someone else wants to? We could make these or marble magnets or whatever.


By cleanout On 11/22/01  

dang, i've never heard of these before, and considering how much my roommate and i entertain and drink wine, i just can't believe i've never heard of them.

i dug the ones with the different colored acrylic beads. and thanks for the tip about using silver hoop earrings. i'm going to (when i get a job) check out my bead store and see what they have. damn, i wish i had seen these before my summer of jersey fleamarkets. i could have gotten some wicked cool old earrings to use as charms. what a great idea.

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