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By quixotic. On 11/09/01  

madly inspired by the marble magnet madness that is going on on getcrafty, i made some and then decoupaged an altoids tin for a friend for her (halloween) birthday. i think i painted toooo many layers of paint (acrylic paint, i think) and i put on some glitter mod podge to seal it. but it was still kinda icky, so i covered *that* in this laminating stuff.

i've done collage work before, but never on anything that was going to be carried around/used. so i thought everything was gravy.

but, NOOOOOO, it's all cacked up by the hinges and the paint's already flaking off when you open and close it. i've search and everything, but don't know what to do. can someone puh-leeze help me? i'm in decoupage despair!

By MsPriss On 11/09/01  

I haven't done an Altoids tin yet myself, but what kind of basecoat did you use? I think some people have been painting on a base layer of gesso first to hold the paint on the tin. Then after you're done you could use a clear sealer, I guess. Ordinarily, any kind of primer/sealer should be the first step before painting something metal or glossy. (I'm typing this from a computer desktop that's peeling because I skipped that step last summer...oops)

By quixotic. On 11/09/01  

you see, i've been trying to go the whole non-toxic route. this is my biggest problem i think. plus, i can never find gesso in craft stores. it's like it hides when it sees me coming down the aisle.

and, there are sooo many kinds of sealer out there that it confuses me. i'm guessing my dear mod podge wouldn't work in that capacity? *sigh*

By robotgirl On 11/09/01  

You can get gesso at any fine art supply store, or in the fine art supply section if your craft store has it. It can come in formulas for both oil and acrylic i think so make sure you're getting the right kind.

I had the flaky problem around the whole lid; when i opend and shut it all the paint got scraped off. Well, not ALL of it, so now they just look like crap. so on the tins i'm doing now I put a piece of tape about 1/8" thick all the way around the rim of the tin. I haven't finished them so i don't know if it will help or not, but it already looks better!

By bonnell99 On 11/09/01  

sounds like you have too many layers, and that's why it's all chipping off.

I'd avoid doing more that 1-2 layers of THIN varnish or waterproof sealer anyplace where the tin comes in contact with metal--like hinges, where it closes, etc.

Gesso would be found in the paint section of the craft stores--not the craft paint section, the oil and acrylics section with all the Bob Ross kits. Mod Podge works well as a sealant for papery thing and for collageing, but it's not a varnish by any means.

I found the best thing for the tins is 1 layer of gesso, 1-2 layers of paint, ONLY 1 layer of Mod Podge, put on VERY thin to collage, 2-3 THIN layers of a non toxic watersolubule but waterproof varnish.

Let each layer dry completly before you do anything else. This was my downfall the first go round. But I was able to salvage the tin by scraping and sanding off all the flaky bits.

Good luck


By Halcion On 11/09/01  

What has worked well for me, is to use metal primer (spray) and paint over that. Then I decoupage, and seal polyurethane. Works well... I don't know what to suggest to remedy the one you are having problems with though.

By angeleryn On 11/09/01  

for my altoid tins, i spraypaint them, then paint designs in acrylic, then long as you're careful, the spraypaint doesnt have a caking problem..i have one i've carried in my toiletry bag for 2 years, and it still looks great, and it gets banged around and wet a lot.

By quixotic. On 11/10/01  

thanks for so many helpful hints! i just got paid friday so i'm heading to the craft store tomorrow to re-stock my decoupaging supplies. yippee!

By Amara On 11/10/01  

When I do altoids tins I usualy paint over the label with one or 2 coats of acrylic and then one or two more coats of modge podge over that. It usualy works. You should also try to paint around the hinges.

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