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By CraftyChicaAZ On 11/06/01  

food, er...make that, cigars, for thought...

tonight i made some funky birdhouses out of cigar boxes! i also want to make a purse soon. they are also good for shadowboxes. what other kinds of things do you think could be made from wood cigar boxes?

p.s. - in this week's entertainment weekly, they featured designer cigar box purses in their holiday gift guide. they were horrifyingly priced at $190. bucks!!! doesn't that inspire you to go out and make your own???

By selina-k On 11/06/01  

Oh yes! I've been wanting to make a cigar box purse for months and months, since I saw one at a boutique at Caesar's. It hadn't been painted, it just had a latch screwed on to it and some flat back rhinestones glued on in a sort of Enid Collins floral design. the strap was just a simple webbing strap. It had been marked down to 89.00 from 100. something. (It was signed! Hee!)

But I don't have any nice wooden cigar boxes lying around. And I'm on an Ebay moratorium. What has stopped me from going to a pipe and cigar store and asking for one is the fear of being told they don't have any. It's a lame fear, huh?

There are some on-line stores that sell very vintage cigar boxes, like from the twenties, but it would be wrong to put stones and glue on something like that.

Crafty Chica: Where do you get your boxes? How much do they ask you for one?

Edited to say: I just don't like Ebay anymore because things aren't as good as I imagine them from the pictures, but from on-line stores they usually are better.

By donna dora On 11/06/01  

i just wanted to say: enid collins! whoo hoo!
i love those sassy southern purses.

By CraftyChicaAZ On 11/06/01  

i love enid collins purses too!!! i've been meaning to get one on ebay (i'm a purse freak), they have them all the time, but they are sooo hard to choose from!!!

i get the boxes at a little cigar vending cart right by my work. they are two or three dollars each. he used to have the ones with the latched lid, now he hardly ever has them, i have to wait for him to sell enough cigars for those. the kind he mostly has are the wood boxes with the slide off lids or the flat carboard ones with all the cool labels and stuff. if you ever want any let me know and i can pick up some extras!

By robotgirl On 11/06/01  

oh my gosh i am so excited. i actually have this old cigar box that my exboyfriend pawned off me for some reason or another. i never know what to do with the thing. right now it has crayola markers that i never use in it. wooden purse, here i come!

By CraftyChicaAZ On 11/06/01  

viva hgtv!

here's a link to a show they had about making these:

(you'll have to highlight the whole link and cut and paste it into your browser)

if for any reason it doesnt work, just go to and type in "cigar box purse" in the search field and it will pop right up...

By Bizwitch On 11/06/01  

for those in need of cigar boxes - just go to a local tobacco shop. we have one called smoker friendly and i went in to ask for one and they just gave it to me. the lady there did say that she usually took them home, but if i came in and asked and she had some she'd gladly give them to me. i know other places charge a couple bucks each.

i've never heard of the purse thing, gonna go check that out. i like using them to store old papers and stuff. i found an old box in my bf's stuff (carted from his old room at his parents house finally) that was filled with collector's coins, OLD newspaper clippings, a prayer rock (we're not christian, but i know i was forced to make one as a child, so it's probably his story too), old postcards, a letter to grannie from someone named jim, his mother's graduation pic, and some pictures of his ex-wife.

it also contained the sweetest note ever written. it was written on a small scrap of paper in all capitals and it almost looks like a child wrote it. it says
"when the golden sun is sinking and your mind from troubles free, when of others you are thinking, won't you sometimes think of me"

on the back is written (by the boy) "this is a note from papaw. it is one of the things he gave me before he died."

i almost cried when i found it.

if you're not into scrap booking, they're good for holding the kinds of things i mentioned before, as well as little trinkets, souveniers, corsages, shells from the beach, notes from ex-boyfriends (i should have saved mine!), stickers, ticket stubs, smaller menus from special restaurants, programs from events, etc...
sorry that was so godawful long.


By Martini On 11/06/01  

You can get an assortment of 10 cigar boxes for $19.95 from - exact link:


If that's too long or doesn't link you to the right place, just go to and search on cigar.

The item description says that the assortment consists of wooden cigar boxes, though the pic appears to show a mix of wood and cardboard boxes. I haven't ordered from them, so I can't say from experience what you would get. If anybody else gives it a shot, be sure to post and let us know.

By cleanout On 11/07/01  

purses!! what a great idea! i have a few that i can grab when i go home for thanksgiving. i recently have taken to carrying a flat-lidded basket around with me. a holdover from my red riding hood halloween costume.

here's another idea - make a shrine. check out this woman's instructions:>

By cleanout On 11/07/01  

i was thinking about the hgtv link - how do you supposed they attached the brass handle? screws? industrial glue?

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