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By angeleryn On 08/17/01  

so tonite i'm going to the uber-craft store. (the one where everything is automatically 40% off) anyways...i printed out crocheting AND knitting directions from i was pretty intent on learning to knit (i plan on knitting the bikini) but i was looking at the allegedly "easy" shawl pattern...and it almost looks the crocheting one would be easier...
soooooo any opinions?? i know i'm beating a dead horse as far as this topic goes...but can people give me some reasons WHY they think one is better than the other? i pick up on stuff fairly quick and i have a long car trip to chicago in about 3 weeks, so i was hoping to be fairly proficient in one or the other so i can work on an afghan. :o (yeah, that's what i saw NOW :P )
thanks chickies!!!

By erica23 On 08/17/01  

afghans are typically made by crochet, at least that's what my great aunt tells me. I knit and crochet, so I have to say that I don't think one is intrinsically more difficult to learn than the other. Here are a few of the pros & cons for each:
+Looks like sweaters you're used to seeing (the v-shape)
+great variety of patterns for sweaters, hats, other clothing (even dog sweaters)
+circular knitting is fantastic because you don't have a seam
-long needles can be cumbersome, especially when sitting near other people
-If you screw up, it's not as easy to fix

+Easy to get proficient
+Easy to fix mistakes
+Tends to be faster than knitting
+Very easy to transport
-A lot of the patterns are hokey, like toilet paper covers
-you'll definitely have a seam if you want a tube

I like both and use them for different things. If you want to pick one or the other, look at a huge needlework book that has photos (not drawings) of the cool stitches you can do and see which you like better. Personally, I like more of the knitting stitches better, so I use it for making clothes. There are "easy" patterns for either one, so don't let any of it scare you off. And if you can't decide, learn both!

By Brown Sugar On 08/17/01  

erica23 is pretty much on the money except that there are crochet patterns that AREN'T hokey. The more modern stuff isn't as "groovy" as the stuff our parents wore in the 60s and 70s. To make a bikini is about the same amount of work in either crochet or knit. It all depends on what pattern you like.

I can knit, but it's slow as hell and much more socially acceptable; so, I crochet. Since not too many people do it (compared to knitting) it makes me feel like a little bit of a rebel. Plus, I don't have the patience for knitting. But enough about me...

If you want to make an afghan, you can crochet or knit it in squares to make it more portable. You won't feel like it's never going to end and it'll give you a chance to try different stitches for short periods of time. If you don't like a particular stitch, try something else on the next square. It'll also increase your proficiency.

Knitting patterns are more readily available on the internet and in bookstores. Good crochet patterns (meaning you won't look like the Age of Aquarius) are harder to come by--you just have to dig a little deeper to find them.

I say try both and see how it goes. I think you're right about the crocheted shawl being easier, but until you try your hand at both crafts, you won't know what is best for you.

By angeleryn On 08/17/01  

well. i picked up a set of knitting needles...and a crochet hook..and some that's where i'm headed now..i have a hot friday nite date with my couch :P

By ros On 08/18/01  

there have been a few threads about this knitting crocheting question and i just knew i had posted on one of them so i went and had a look, and bumped it up, there is one on this board and one on the lifestyle board which i posted on, i was so confused when i couldnt find it here, anyway i think the gist of it is that knit and crochet are both good, i think crochet was easier to learn but i like em both know just for different things.

By lala On 08/18/01  

i have tried both knitting and crocheting, and right now i prefer crochet. while i think that the finished product is often more neatly finished (and often prettier)in knitting, i have a very short attention span and like the fact that i can see results more quickly when i crochet. i also like the funky-chunky look for scarves and blankets for myself. that being said, i am knitting a scarf for my step-mother right now b/c she is a more neatly finished person than i am.

just my $.02.

By stella On 08/19/01  

not to repeat myself, because i said the same thing on the other thread...

i think knitting is more versatile. the resulting fabric feels more like a cohesive piece of work, whereas crochet usually feels more like a group of interlocked knots. knitting, to me, is more wearable and useful, and i personally feel more comfortable manipulating the technique. i think both are useful, good things to know, but i am a knitter. crocheting makes me very uncomfortable.

it comes down to which you like to do more, and which look you prefer.


By bonnell99 On 08/20/01  

I'm with Stella. Knitting is, in my mind, more versatile. And don't expect crocheting to drape well unless it's a very loose open stitch.

Actually I think I said the same thing on the previous knitting v. crochet discussion (as well as the contributing the comment that crocheting took me 15 years to learn, whereas knitting took about 1 hour for me to pick up).

Also, most of the time crocheting uses up more yarn. But you can make all kinds of wierd and random shapes with it with very little advance planning.


By Valeri On 08/19/01  

I crochet and knit both. I prefer crochet because it is faster and you have more choice of patterns. If you want to make an afghan, try one of Vanna White's books. You can find them in craft stores, and they are easy to read and understand the patterns. Some things are "hokey", but you can also find a lot of really nice things to make. I have found that many of the patterns I have found online tend to be hard to figure out and sometimes not even right. I've been knitting and crocheting for over 15 years now, (started in my 20's) and still couldn't figure out some of those patterns I found online. Hope this helps. Hello to the rebel! I like how you think!!


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