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By Foxy On 08/15/01  

Does anyone have any ideas on decorating a notebook binder for school?

By MB20Cherry On 08/15/01  

its all about the duck tape!!!! and then you can put stuff like, pictures on it...I think I might cover one in colored duck tape..oooh I could do plaid with different colors that would be so cool..., anyway, I'll do that, and then probably put sayings or song lyrics on paper and tape them on too. my friend takes stickers and pictures of her friends and makes collages.

By Rio On 08/16/01  


1. Unusual Stickers
2. Collage
3. Fabric - covering it with fake fur would be fab!
4. Rhinestones, Beads
5. Paint

Almost anything really!



By caleythistle On 08/16/01  

Astroturf with fake bugs or fake flowers on it!

By azeo On 08/16/01  

I used to cover mine with brown paper, and then just use the covers for doodling in class.

By stella On 08/16/01  

you can make a collage, then cover it with clear contact paper for permanence. when i was in high school, i made blurry xeroxes of my favorite punk rock icons, and used clear packing tape to laminate them to my binders. duct tape works okay, but it will mar your other stuff with grey smears sometimes, and it eventually starts to peel back and get sticky.


By Dawn On 08/17/01  

You could cover it with plain paper and let your friends autograph it throughout the school year. Variations on this: at the top of the binder, write a survey question; everybody who signs your cover has to answer the question. Or, ask everybody to draw a self-portrait.

At the end of the year, you could take the cover off and frame it or something.

I have a question: when you cover a binder with fabric, are you just gluing it on there or what?

By teagrrl On 08/26/01  

As soon as I've bought some good glue, I'll cover my binder with a brown paper bag, handles and all.

Maps (especially foreign ones) would look cool too.

By bluejeans On 08/26/01  

My binder has a really thick cover. I made one of those ribbon boards on it (as can be read about in another thread) and held the ribbon in place with marble pushpins. (Since the cover was so thick, the points didn't poke through.

By skitty On 08/27/01  

ohh my favorite thing about school is decorating my notebooks and binders inside and out... at my school they give us these little assignment notebooks that are so perfect for decorating:

Last year I crushed up one of those free AOL cds and glued it shiny side up to my notbook, then i covered it in clear packaging tape to prevent sharp edges... It's pretty cool because the cd bits are reflective enough to use as a real quick touch up mirror.

This year i plan on making a bunch of stars with this paper punch i have (i've already started) and mod podging them to the front...

My friend did the thing where you separate the silvery part from the paper off of gum wrappers and u can rub it onto things, it looked really cool but took her a long time.

Hope i could help!

By go_barefoot On 09/09/01  

i print out awesome quotes (oh i love quotes) or songs i love written in curly writing and just cover my ringbinders. or photos of bands - for me the doors/ledzep but whatever floats yer boat - that way ppl know something about my tastes or whatever. its a pride thing lol

By stella On 09/09/01  

god, this thread brings back memories... i had the lyrics to "Anarchy in the UK" handwritten on my binder, which was sitting under my desk in history class one day... i think it was when i was a junior, in US history, and this girl Nica read the quote off, and said something like "oh my gawd, get that away from me... that's so disgusting..." i think i probably just gave her a fuck-off look, but i was dying of hilarity inside. this girl was the most evil bitch i remember. the J.Crew wearing rich yuppie spawn, future soccer mom, born again christian who saw no problem in verbally/physically abusing geeks like me. god, i loved high school. fuck you Nica if you're out there. i take comfort in the fact that your god is going to have some "meek inheriting the earth" issues with you when you die. bitch.

okay, sorry.


By Elf_Chick On 09/09/01  


May i add my "fuck you" to all the Nicas I know? >:)

(this may change the thread a bit...but i deem it necessary.)


By caraLangC On 09/09/01  

i also love this tradition of decorating my notebooks the first afternoon of school. I get the binders w/ clear pocket covers so that you can put pictures inside. I love putting my name and subject on the side written in a cool font & dingbats (go to

By Foxy On 09/09/01  

Thank-you everyone for all the great ideas!

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