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By teriyakipuck On 04/07/04  

I just saw a commercial for Fox's "The Swan" where they take 17 "average" women and make them into beauty pageant contestants. Probably plastic surgery and things of that nature? I was appalled. Then I went to the website to see the "average" women and some of them are, in my opinion, very pretty. Now they are going to be made to look like a Barbie or something. I am PIZZISSED! I could be wrong though, maybe the show won't be as evil as I think it is. Because I haven't watched it.
Anyone else's take?

By lostin1derland On 04/07/04  

YES! that show looks supper shitty and awful.
So much anger at fox right now. Wonderfalls was cancelled because they gave it such awful time slots while shows like The Swan get full network support. I hate that The Swan is the kind of thing that makes money.
That being said, I haven't seen it either. But how can it be good? I mean this is from the network that brought us Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire way back when. They have too keep getting edgier....

By loulou On 04/07/04  

I'm sure it will be evil. To me it's like they can't do an Average Jane with an actual average woman, so they add the 'extreme makeover' element to the show. So, we wouldn't want to watch just plain old average women do anything, but if they're going to get remade into hotties and parade around in swimsuits, of course we'll watch it! ARGH!

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