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By jtsang On 04/07/04  

I remember someone posted that you could go to home depot and get molding and then use a mitre saw to make the cuts and a staple gun to assemble, i went this past weekend but couldn't figure out which molding to buy, they had floorboard, chair rail, crown, random and decorative, but none of them had a 'lip' in it, this would mean that my painting wouldn't set into a groove like a regular frame, I'd have to either staple it directly to the painting or I'm looking at the wrong molding. Please advise me :)


By jezze On 04/07/04  

You are looking at the wrong molding - but it's possible they didn't have the right one? I think the one I've used before is for around doorframes; perhaps you could ask for something like that? Sorry I can't help you more, but keep trying - there definitely is a molding with a lip available somewhere!

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