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By WildSnowflake On 04/07/04  

as you may know, i recently moved my 10 years of stuff into my fiance's apartment. unfortunately, onechickpea's spring swap basket has disappeared somewhere in the clutter.

so i am going the dionne warwick route and trying to find it though my "friends" (st. jude didn't work for the ex RC)...

where is it... in the apartment, in my car, in Lucky's car, in the attic... in a box, in a bag, behind something... HELP!!!

I promise a nice reward : )


By antigone On 04/07/04  

it's in a closet or under a box in the attic. :)

By jtsang On 04/07/04  

i'm sure it's hiding wherever my eyeglass case is hiding, it's not a huge deal b/c i don't need my glasses anymore, but i don't want to donate them to the lion's club w/o the sunglass clip which is in the case!

I'd vote for in a bag somewhere, b/c it'd be more logical for it to be in a box, which means you put it in a bag so you'd keep it out and unpack it first and now it's hidden :)


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