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By onechickpea On 04/07/04  

For the rest of the semester, my art teacher has allowed us to pick anything we would like to work on for our next project. Usually in there we draw pictures on paper. I want to do something different. I want it to be fun and a big eye catcher. I would like to do something with photography but anything fun would be great! Have any ideas? It has to keep me busy for a little while.
I am just having trouble come up with something fun and funky!! Please Glitter girls I need your brilliant ideas!!!

By looloo On 04/07/04  

if you are saying anything goes...

could you make a book of your photography? Like actually do the book binding, put a picture on the page and maybe draw something to go along with the picture?

By whywhyzee On 04/07/04  

For some reason I'm thinking of manipulating photographs in manual ways like photocopying or faxing.

By antigone On 04/07/04  

you could copy photos onto unusual surfaces such as glass... so that the photos would be transparent. that should keep you busy for a while. The first thing I thought (odd, maybe) was a sort of photography mobile, or lots of glass photos hanging from clear nylon threads from the ceiling in a white room.

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