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By jtsang On 04/07/04  

eye jewlery? what's next?>


By looloo On 04/07/04  

are those eyes more blood shot than normal eyes? just goes to show that you might not want to be sticking something inside your eye!

By outofrange On 04/07/04  

that is sick.

By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

what is wrong with people?
notice all the "dumbass people" threads today?!

By invisilurker On 04/07/04  


By denimqueen On 04/07/04  

WTF???! $1000 for that! you would think people would spend a grand on something worthwhile, or donate it to a good cause. hell, give me the $1000 i'll find something to do with it!

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