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By faerie_eyez On 04/07/04  

Does anyone here share a bed? Anyone have any stories, or experiences to share? I'm thinking this option might be something that I want when I have my babies

By looloo On 04/07/04  

I have pretty much always shared a bed with my 4 year old. I think when she was an infant she stayed in her bassinet, but at least since she was 5 months old she was in bed with us. Now we send her to bed in her own bed but we do not have a problem with her getting into bed with us. I don't know when I will put an end to this, as I said, it doesn't bother me at all. She usually doesn't climb into bed until around 3 am anyway and we are both fast asleep.

I am weary about putting an infant into a bed with me because I would seriously be afraid of rolling over, but they have the little co-sleepers that are supposed to be good. Also, a friend of mine took one side of the crib off and fitted the crib snuggly between the wall and the bed. That way the baby is in bed with her, but won't be able to fall out or be rolled on.

By snoopy On 04/07/04  

yoshimi is five months old and has pretty much slept in our bed with us since birth. my husband and i are both keenly aware of her presence while we sleep and we are not worried about rolling over her. it's easier on me to feed her at night because all i have to do is have her snuggle against me and she can nurse; i never have to fully wake up. the bassinet is next to our bed and she does sleep in it if one of us has had any alcohol or taken possible medications that might affect our awareness. once yoshimi starts sleeping through the night though i think i may move her out of the bed. she takes up a lot of room when she sleeps. she likes to spread her arms out so she makes a Y. it's what we call the "yoshimi sleep position."

By looloo On 04/07/04  

that is so cute!

By jane_bond On 04/07/04  

We also have a family bed. Kieran is 12 mo now (!!!!). Hubby is talking about moving him into his own bed (a half assembled crib in our room) but I'm not ready. He still nurses at night and he's probably only going to continue after I am back at work next month.

So far hubby hasn't come up with any compelling reasons for nixing the family bed ("what about sex": we have sex in the living room anyway!; "because he needs to sleep by himself": why exactly?). Granted, I haven't prepared my real rebuttal, but I want to co-cleep the same way I nurse - as long as Kieran wants to, that's fine with me.

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