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By bindiva On 04/07/04  


I have a grant deadline coming up and I need to get some slides made of my artwork.

How long does it take to get slides made (assuming I can find a photographer on short notice)? Any other tips on getting slides made? How much should I expect to pay per slide(i'm in nyc)?


By monkeyrocker On 04/07/04  

As I remember, where I used to have my slides developed it took about a week, but I'm sure you could find somewhere that does them in 24 hours. I don't remember the developing cost being too high (I think around $12), but I don't know how much photographers run.

By k-fresh On 04/07/04  

There normally is an option to have RUSH developing for slide film, so you can get it pretty quickly. Developing cost isn't outrageous, but slide film is a bit more expensive, $10-15/roll.

As for tips, good lighting and TRIPOD TRIPOD TRIPOD! I think using a tripod is key! Take lots of shots of the same work over and over again. If you find a photographer who has done for slides before, they should know this already.

Good Luck!

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