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By Eva666 On 04/07/04  

ok, im SOO pissed off right now that i need to vent.. this is long and ranty:

my husband is an accountant. every year on april 15th his company throws an office party to celebrate the end of tax season (lame, i know but their accountants remember..) This year it's at a really trendy bar and i don't have any clothes that i felt were "cool" enough so i went to buy an outfit today. shopping is hard for me. it's always been hard and i've always had a hard time with body image so shopping is like an emotional rollercoaster, especially when i feel pressured to find something specific. even more so when im dragging my 2 year old along with me.
for some reason i decided to check out 'arden b' because that's sort of what i imagined would be right for this place even though i normally don't bother with that store. i fell in love with an off-the-shoulder black 80's top that has a removable pin and a pair of pink earrings, i couldn't believe i found it so fast! then i got a hot pink bra to wear under it since you see the straps, and pink heels to match. it already looked good with the jeans i had on so i was all set, in under an hour! then i got to the car and went to unpack my bags from the stroller and realized i lost my arden b shirt and bra. i went back and re-traced all my steps, all the while my daughters screaming because it's now naptime, and nothing...those two items set me back $90 that i dont have and now i want to scream! i know people all over the world are dying and this is a very small deal, but i seriously HATE days like this. it was such a cute outfit ;(

thanks for listening..

By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

oh ick. that is so sucky. you are sure you didn't leave it in the store? If you think of things while your daughter is napping (I hope she is by now), call the mall.

ugh. I hope you can go and rebuy the items, even though they were expensive.

I grovel with you.

By Eva666 On 04/07/04  

thanks. i went to the store and they hadn't seen the bag, but they were really nice and even said that if someone tried to return the shirt (i have the receipt) they'd call me. it was the last one they had in my size so when my daughter wakes up we're going to drive a half hour to the next closest arden b and re-buy it. i'll just chalk it up to one of those things that happens and try not to think of the $$.. im going to go through my closet and sell some extra crap on ebay to make up for it ;)

if the other shirt turns up i'll just return it. i think i know when it happened and when i went back to that spot there was no sign of it..i even checked lost and found. someone must've grabbed it and thats that.

i'll have to rely on karma to take care of em!

By invisilurker On 04/07/04  


By looloo On 04/07/04  


By Beano On 04/07/04  

Just to reassure you guys that there ARE good people out there...

A couple of years ago, I went into the printing service place on campus to print a project. My dad had given me $60 that day "for fun" and I shoved it in my jacket pocket.

At the printers, it must have fallen out of my pocket onto the floor. I actually didn't think I had lost the money until a few days later when I couldn't find it anywhere. By then I figured it was WAY too late to find it anywhere, I had been ALL over campus that day.

Anyway, about a week and a half later I went in to print some more stuff and the guy was like "did you leave something here last time?" and I was like "Yeah, like $60!!" and he turned around and grabbed it for me.

They had kept it and had actually remembered that it was ME that has lost it. Oh lordy I was so happy. I baked them cookies for being so nice.


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