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By paperjane On 04/07/04  

I honestly don't mean to plug my wares to you girls...knowing everyone here is twice as savvy and talented...but I would love to get your feedback on my new spring designs. It's a good sign if Glitter approves, you know... :)

By Eva666 On 04/07/04  

i think it's all really pretty but my favorites were the 'sara' and the 'babe' necklaces and the #10 earrings. the baby bracelets are cute too but my daughter would have never been able to wear one. she's a tough little chick with no patience for jewelry ;) your prices are more then fair, i've seen handmade necklaces similar to yours that were at least $5 more a piece.

By hightide On 04/07/04  

"knowing everyone here is twice as savvy and talented"

Please don't put yourself down. It suggests that I have bad taste for liking those necklaces so much! Love the baby bracelets too - do you have Mommy & Baby jewelry sets?

By anniebeegoode On 04/07/04  

everything is so cute!
nice colors!
and a great site the "oui" bags!

my only suggestions:
provide a few more details, like the length of the necklaces and bracelets. some may want to measure their child's chubby wrist to be sure they are ordering the right size.

also, do you use sterling findings?
some folks like me are allergic to the nickel in surgical stainless steel and would want to know before ordering...

keep on making great stuff!

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