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By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

I thought it'd be cool to start (if it has not been done already) a consumer reports board...if you are thinking about buying something, but dont know about it, maybe someone else who has one can tell you if its worth it or not.

this kind of started from the "delias sucks" thread.

I have nothing to start with, so go ahead!

By Knittinator On 04/07/04  

I dont have anything to add except that i second that motion!!!


By crazybones On 04/07/04  

that's a great idea. Can you tell the board moderator?

By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

oh i meant a thread! oops!

By Martita On 04/07/04  

I'll start!

lI am gfetting a kayak soon, and will need a roof rack for my honda civic hatchback. I looked at Thule and Yakima and they are wicked expensive (and I am unsure what components I really need, and which I can do without!)

Anyone have suggestions of systems, components or whatnot?

By knittykat On 04/07/04  

I had a Yakima rack and I have no complaints. We looked around for racks but basically if you try to buy cheap they end up crappy and you risk damaging your car and your kayak. Also I know with the car I had at the time I had to buy a short-roof adapter and that was only available with the higher-end lines. Talk to a sporting goods shop that carries the lines to find out what components you would need. I got mine from a bike shop.

By researchasaurus On 04/07/04  

I have a product to warn you about.

It's the Back to Basics Smoothie Maker (I think the Elite model, it looks exactly like this

My parents bought five of these at the holidays for various people, including me. Of the five, four of them have broken the spout part making the thing essentially useless. We're working on getting them returned.

By jtsang On 04/07/04  

that's funny b/c i saw that smoothie maker in the clearance section, unboxed, and it had the little handle broken off at the spout so you couldn't dispense.

I have some good consumer repots, both Donna Karan and Merrell have had me send in defective shoes for a replacement or gift certificates in the case where the shoe was discontinued.


By snoopy On 04/07/04  

i'd like to take my baby for bike rides this summer so i'm looking for a trailer. does anyone have any recommendations? i heard that burley makes an excellent trailer, but it is a bit pricey so i would have to find one used. also, is there an age minimum that a baby needs to be to ride in a trailer? can i get a bike helmet for an infant?

By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

snoopy: I don't THINK there is an age requirement but i bet you could call your pediatrition.

and I do'nt know if there are infant helmets but how fucking cute would that be?!

By knittykat On 04/07/04  

Snoopy, how old is your baby? Because I know you can use a bike seat that fits on the back of your bike for quite a boss used one at the place I used to work and her kid was like 4.

If your baby is a baby-baby I would say definitely go with the bike seat, the trailer is for somewhat older kids I think.

By SeraAngel On 04/07/04  

i just got an ipod and i've been searching for a case. i saw some reviews for the marware convertible case but some have said that it scratched up the screen.
any suggestions?

By valagator On 04/07/04  

seraangel.. has some really cool rubber cases for the full size ipods.. they might even have some for mini ipods... I paid 5 bucks for mine. I have a bright orange and a bright green and they take alot of abuse.

By scaredsilly On 04/07/04  

Nothing really relevant to add, but:

Martita, I have a Honda Civic hatchback too.

By k-fresh On 04/07/04  

Back to the original post idea, I think this would make a better board, instead of a post. Well the post will do until the new glitter comes up. Maybe they can add it as a board then. Because you'd have to scroll through every comment or question to get to yours or find answers to your question, etc. But a great idea through and through!

By AesSedai On 04/07/04  

Snoopy- My mom always used a Cannondale for my cousin and little sister, i'd say they were 1 and 3, maybe a little under and over. It worked great for her!

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