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By kittyroc On 04/06/04  

I found this site that sells cute hats. I don't wear hats myself, but I saw a few hats there that I wouldn't mind owning, just to have.

Click on store, then genki hats and click on the little cartoon icons to view the hats. They have an Invader Zim hat!

By neon_pixie On 04/07/04  

Those are really cute! I wish I'd though of a lucrative business like that.... I think I will rip off the long-eared bunny hat though...heheheheh.....

By Knittinator On 04/07/04  

She's a friend of a friend! I've never met her before but have only heard good things about her. I love her hats. I want the lonely bunny one.


By jtsang On 04/07/04  

they are very cute but some of them look dangerously close to sanrio, pokemon and nintendo games characters.

i like the tiger looking one :)

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