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By vampygrrl On 04/06/04  

so i recently changed the closet organizer in my closet and i find that the only way i will ever have enough room for my clothing is to expand my closet or throw out everything. so i have decided the only way i can survive is to stop shopping. and here is my new project:

for the next three months i will no longer buy any clothing for myself. i plan on making everything myself. so i was thinking if anyone wanted to try this out with me. and maybe possibly swapping the clothes we made or reconstructed, etc. i've never done a thing like this, so help me out please.



By SeraAngel On 04/07/04  

wow, that's will power, but good for you for doing it.
i'm a horrible sewer but i thought i would bump this for you.

good luck!

By coquette On 04/07/04  

i like this idea too. there is an artist (cant recall her name) who made her self one dress for each season, and wore that dress everyday. i had the same problem as you, so i limited my wardrobe to only black, white, pink, and blue- now i feel less tempted to buy new things unless they meet all my criteria, and i do end up making clothing for myself when i really want something specific.

By valagator On 04/07/04  

I have been in the process of losing alot of weight this past year, and I have NOTHING in my closet..... and I am too cheap to purchase new clothes. I am sort of relying on thrifting and consignment shops, but I am starting to get pickier and pickier. I am also waiting to make anything for myself because I have several items that are just too large for me that I did makes me sad to see my workmanship go to waste.

So I am trying to make do this spring with a few skirts, lots of camisoles and a pair of jeans or two.... sort of boring.. but I am trying to not go for broke on fashion until I know what size I am going to be.

By teriyakipuck On 04/07/04  

I've toyed with the idea of not shopping and just making my clothes. Toyed with it *a lot* but I'm always foiled when I go to Goodwill! But then there are all the fabric purchases... with fabric coming out of the crates just like clothes from my closet! But I digress...
I wouldn't mind being your anti-shopping buddy! Because I need to do this as well! Email me if you want!

By costumekitten On 04/07/04  

good for you gals! i currently sew about half of my wardrobe, and buy the other half. i only purchase clothes from where i work though, since it is resale and everything is very cheap and since i am buyer i can pick stuff out that i want as it comes in. i feel better buying recycled clothes. :)

but hey! keep us updated how its going! and post pics of what you make! i love seeing what other people wear that theyve made... :)
good luck!

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