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By tattooedbunny On 04/06/04  

i need to let out a little frustration. i want to be a tattoo artist sooooooooooooooo bad and my well meaning family bought me a tattoo set up for x mas but alas i can't bring myself to use it because i don't know what the hell i am doing! i want an apprenticeship so bad but sadly where i live the chances are next to nothing and there is no chance of relocating at this point in my life because i have to work to support my son and my husband has a great job here :( i want to do this so bad i can taste it and i can draw flash really well(i am not trying to brag) it would make me so happy to be able to do this for a living, but the dream seems so far out of my reach here in this little town in florida called port charlotte!!!!!!

By SuzyCreamcheese On 04/06/04  

There's a term for self-taught tattoo "artists" who buy these starter kits: scratchers. Don't be one.

Keep drawing. Draw a lot. Put together a portfolio and shop it around. Hang around the shops in your area. Get to know the artists. Build trust. Give them good reason to take you on.

There is no easy "in" to any career in the arts. You just have to work hard and keep plugging away. Sorry.

By MlleEmily On 04/06/04  

Oh dear- a starter kit for tatooing sounds like a very dodgy prospect indeed. I don't want to dis you or your dream, but to me it sounds like those should be illegal, it sounds dangerous for an untrained person to have that kind of equipment and to be using it on anyone- I can understand why you haven't been able to use it yet, I think it's only sensible that you're wary! There's like health codes, first-aid requirements and a billion other things that tattoo shops need to comply with to be licenced, and I just don't think those conditions could be easily replicated at home, especially without prior formal training.

As for following your dream, it's like the above poster says, just a matter of plug, plug, plugging away until one day someone gives you a go.

Don't be down on yourself if it seems to be taking forever- just think of all the other people who will be put off by the toughness and drop out of the competition, you just hang on there till the end!

By Xuli On 04/06/04  

I second SuzyCreamCheese's advice ... not that I know anything at all about tattoo artist-ing, except that when I went to go get a new tattoo two weeks ago, the guy doing my tattoo told me the only time he ever used one of those starter kits was when he was apprenticing -- and he used it not to tattoo people, but to tattoo watermelons.

By aphasia On 04/06/04  

Is there something you can use to "practice" tattooing besides people. I know fruits are good for practice, but the final product doesn't last long. Maybe there is some other material you could "practice" on that would be similar to human skin and you could also show as a promo product?

By tattooedbunny On 04/07/04  

thank you all for your advice and encouragement. i feel better this morning i was just having one of those nights where i felt frustrated about alot of stuff and needed to blow off some steam. yeah i know all about scratchers and believe me i do not want to be one, hence the fact that i am refusing to use the kit that was bought for me. i will just have to keep drawing and hanging out at my favorite tatttoo shop and getting tattooed for the time being and see what the future holds for me. hopefully someday i will find a good artist that will take me under his/her wing and teach me in a formal apprenticeship. thanks alot everyone!

By emilygrace On 04/07/04  

I've heard practice on potatoes....
good luck!

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