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By orangeaum On 04/06/04  

please help me. i know there are tons of threads about soap and stuff but this is a little more specific.

i was asked to make little soaps (guest bathroom soaps like) for my sister for this bridal shower she is having for her friend. they are going to be put in little pretty bags as the shower gift to everyone.

i had tons of problems trying to find little soap molds instead of the huge bar molds. i looked at micheals and joanne and everywhere. i finally deciede that i was going to use ice cube trays. got an oval and a rectangle ice tray and things are good with them. but i need another shape. i've been looking through my house for something to use but everything i try won't release the soap once dry. i even tried tricks like ky jelly and p jelly and olive oil. nope.

does anyone have any ideas for me? anything at all? or where i could get different shaped ice trays? i already tried target and big k. help me. they are "due" on sunday so no time to order soemthing. help help help help help me please.

thanks everyone!
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By Amelia On 04/06/04  

I've heard that candy molds work well, but I haven't tried them firsthand. They're available at any Michaels/Joann's/Hobby Lobby type store.

By frenchkitty On 04/06/04  

If you didn't already, try looking at Michaels candy making section. They have a ton of little molds.

eta: wow, me and amelia posted at the same time I think

By SeraAngel On 04/07/04  

i too had issues finding good soap molds so i was lucky enough to find kewl ones at ikea. the great thing is that they are made of rubber so no hassles trying to get them out. if you can't find the design that you are looking for at ikea then try those really swanky houseware shops for other ice cube molds.

By crazybones On 04/07/04  

I'm putting together a mini soap kit for a gift, and here are some links that I found. The kit is for a little girl, so they're pretty straightforward:


for little molds. Can you overnight them? You can get melt & poursoap from Joann's (Superstore) and also glitter, and coloring.

I saw an idea for this here:

and the instructions are good.

Oh yeah -- I would call sugarcraft, because their website is crap.

By valagator On 04/07/04  

MIlky way molds carries a huge selection of guest sized soap molds. they are more expensive than purcahsing candy molds..but they are constructed of heavy duty plastic and will not crack when you are using it.>

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