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By crazybones On 04/06/04  


By researchasaurus On 04/06/04  

Indeed! I love Bad Penny and the red maternity-ish sweater.

By carriem On 04/06/04  

i bought the yarn for grace. isn't stumbling on a new knity kinda like christmas morning?

By trishie On 04/07/04  

I like bad penny and grace also. I'm going to make bad penny I think, but I've heard the yarn is hard to get hold of. I'm sure I can find it online but since the colors used won't flatter me I need to see the yarn up close before I can select the colors I want to use. From what I've read whilst perusing knitting blogs lots of people want to make bad penny as well, so I plan to lurk and see what they use as a substitute. So crafty of me huh!

I want to make grace as well but I'm busty so I'm afraid of how the criss crosses will fall - I don't think they're supposed to follow the bustline but even so it might look dumb on me. It's such a sweet top though!

By ivy-bee On 04/07/04  

I want to make Bad Penny purely because of the yarn, and I am having an awful time finding it. Durnit. The colors are perfect for redheads.

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