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By favorgrl On 04/06/04  

Did anybody see this?

LOS ANGELES ( - UPN is hoping one last glimpse at the contestants from "America's Next Top Model" can boost its May sweeps performance.
The network has scheduled a one-hour special, "America's Next Top Model: The Runway Ahead," for Tuesday, May 11. The show will catch up with the 12 finalists from the recently completed season, with special focus on winner Yoanna House as she begins her career, UPN says.

It's no surprise that UPN would want to capitalize on the show in sweeps -- "Top Model" is far and away the network's most-watched series this season. It drew an average of 6.3 million viewers per week during its run, which ended with House winning the title last month. The network has two more cycles of the show set for next season.

"The Runway Ahead" will follow House on some of her first post-show photo shoots and publicity appearances, as well as to the runways of L.A.'s recently staged Fashion Week. It will also feature new interviews with other contestants, friends and family, and updates on what the contestants are doing now.
For those curious as to whether second runner-up Shandi Sullivan was able to save her relationship with boyfriend Eric after cheating on him in Italy, there's no need to wait until the special to find out -- at the recent finale party the two were present and very much together

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