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By Juna On 04/06/04  

I would love to get some suggestions for a bag of bon voyage goodies I am putting together for my parents.

They are going on a cruise to Mexico, and so far I have painted two wooden bookmarks and collaged them with Mexican loteria cards. I got them a book of crossword puzzles, and I plan to add some pencils. They will be on a cruise, so booze and snacks will be plentiful, they have a digital camera, what else might they need/want?

Thank you for any ideas!

By crazybones On 04/06/04  

mints and chapstick? I'm lost without those things.

By campgrl On 04/06/04  


By campgrl On 04/06/04  

beach towels

By jtsang On 04/06/04  

dollar bills to tip people, i went on vacation and didn't have many small bills and ended up tipping people a large amount or carrying my own bag so that I wouldn't have to give a tip...unless the cruise adds the tips to the room, a fellow vacationer said her friend gave her 50 1's for christmas along with a travel guide so she'd be prepared...lucky woman!

By melmelon On 04/07/04  

"They will be on a cruise, so booze and snacks will be plentiful"

antacids and tylenol, if they are prone to overindulge ;-)

By Juna On 04/07/04  

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

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