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By miss_astroturf On 04/06/04  

Does anyone know how to create a metallic transfer like the one seen here (the orange skirt in the bottom right): >

I would love to try and recreate something like this but I have no idea how!

By pinkconfetti On 04/06/04  

I actually don't think it's a metallic transfer at all, but rather just a cut out image

Take another look at it - you can see things from the background continue in the image..

By ursonate On 04/06/04  

There is foil out there somewhere designed for this purpose. You would need one of those big heat transfer iron machines.

By Zanni On 04/07/04  

wow, that is a cut out! I thought at first look too that it had to be foil of some kind. I wonder though how that you could get it all cut out without it falling apart? Maybe they sewed in the design first, and then cut the little pieces out?
Very cool

By Polesmoker69 On 04/07/04  

that is neat, they cut out the design, instead of adding it.

By HardHipBone On 04/07/04  

that's definitely cut out. what you can do is iron on fusible interfacing on the back of the garment, trace a stencil onto the front and either use a serger to cut out the negative spaces of the stencil or just a regular sewing machine to tightly zig zag the cut-out areas after they've been removed.

or you could just make a stencil and use metallic fabric paint like jacquard metallic textile color. it's less than $4 for a big far and it works so well. i love it.

By ursonate On 04/07/04  

Now that I'm thinking about it, look in Jane Dunnewold's book on surface design. I know she talks about foils in there somewhere.

eta: or maybe I am thinking of one of the issues of Quliting Arts.

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