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By Polesmoker69 On 04/06/04  

ok i love the 80's, and i also still love JEM!
so when i came across this site with that picture on it, i was a little shocked!>

when did this movie come out? and why would they get mariah carey to play JEM?!

how come i missed this?!

did anyone else know about this movie?

By jtsang On 04/06/04  

all i got was a link that says you're not supposed to directly download images from such and such site.

any other info? Have you checked the imdb?

By Polesmoker69 On 04/06/04


By rita0373 On 04/06/04  

I got the same message so I went to the main page and clicked on the link.

I couldn't find anything on IMDB. I am hoping the pic was one thing and someone added the text as a joke. Please God, don't let it be true!

By LuluB On 04/06/04  

maybe it's a japanese thing?

By Mona Mew On 04/06/04 click on the link that says "Jem, the Movie".

By jtsang On 04/06/04  

going to that webpage it looks like a bunch of jokes, i.e. someone cleverly edited things, either that or there's alot of weird stuff going on (click on miscellaneous links)


By none On 04/07/04  

that movie poster is heavily photoshoped

By Polesmoker69 On 04/06/04  

OK im doing a little more research on this, but if youve seen the picture on google then you know that it looks like the JEM 80's cartoon, shes dressed like her and everything.

then i was reading this and its talking about JEM being a read person bla bla bla and shes not the 80's cartoon.
if you want to read it you can, and yes mariah carey does star in it!>

another site: at the very bottom it talks about mariah carey being JEMS illegitimate daughter!!>

whats going on!?!?!

By xjessiex On 04/06/04  

usually i can't stand mariah, but i do think that's a good look for her. pink hair would be a hell of an improvement.


By suspectdevice On 04/07/04  

That's truly, truly, truly outrageous.

By misshawklet On 04/07/04  

the 80s....the clothes...shudder.

By spinnin_wheel On 04/07/04  

Her music's contagious. Outrageous.

By hindsight2020 On 04/07/04  

I'm going to guess at the Japanese angle, too. 1980's Americana is very popular in Japan, and Japanese advertisers pay American celebrities millions and millions of dollars to do commercial work--often, these are spots the stars would never do in the US, but are willing to in Japan for the $.

Hot air? Maybe. But I'm stickin' to it. Mariah could surely use the money after the flop that was (gasp!) Glitter.

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