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By pinkconfetti On 04/06/04  

Hi all,

Well...I'll be moving into a student house next year and the room I'm getting is icky and ugly.

However, the crafting possibilities are making my insides twitch with excitement.

It's a nice, bright room with a little entrance hall that has one outer door and just a doorframe on the inner door of the hallway.

I think I'm going to hang some sari fabric in the doorframe and over the window...I have a beautiful Indian wallhanging so I think this is totally where I should take the space.

Does anyone have any cheap, beautiful ideas for this room? Right now, it's magenta with sea creatures and geckos on the window. It's scary. :P Although, I may not live there for much longer than a year or so, so I don't want to put too much money into it.

Thanks soooo much!

P.S. I dreamt about making resin jewellery. I think that's when you know you're a true glitter gal. *wink*

By Zanni On 04/06/04  

Hehe, yes you are a true glitterati when you dream about crafts,lol.
The sari fabric sounds great! sells it by the yard, but it usually has the gold part cut off. I think it's about $2 a yard? The wallhanging sounds totally awesome. I live with my Indian bf and his parents and they have a really neat one. You might try making some things(statues? mobiles?) out of found metal objects and spray painting them a yellow gold color, Indians are big into gold.
Good luck and post pics when you're done!

By KittenCndy On 04/06/04  

You can also check Ebay for maybe some pretty glass bottles, things to hand on the wall and small statues.

By SarahInPink On 04/07/04  

If you have a local Indian grocery near you they always have lots of cool stuff other than food. Check it out!

By Juna On 04/07/04  

Some ideas:

Red (a lucky Hindu color) candles of different sizes on a gold plate or tray.

Fuschia, rich greens, oranges

A brass incense cone burner and sandalwood or Nag Champa incense

A small tea set (brass, ceramic, stainless steel)

A woven sea grass or other grass rug (even if your room is carpet)

Large re-upholstered cushions (silky bright colors) for floor seating

A long colored rope with large tassels hung over your doorknob.

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