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By ndaye On 04/06/04  


I'm teaching again! Whoo hoo!

Crafteria is a DIY workshop series breaking down old school crafting with fresh, new flavor . Crafteria serves as an alternative to expensive crafting classes offering craft instruction without the dent in your wallet.

This ain't your Granny's crafting class. Toilet paper cozies are for suckas

Knit not knot: Knitting is fundamental! In this three-hour workshop, we'll cover the basics: knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing while working on a simple project. Session dates: 4/17, 12:00-3:00

Knit not knot, Part Deux: In this three-hour workshop, we work in color, read patterns and learn to use double pointed needles. Knit not knot or basic knitting skills required. Session dates: 4/18, 12:00-3:00

Each workshop is $85 dollars. Pre-Registration is required. Class is limited to twelve people with a minimum of 5 for the class to be held. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at pre-registration.

Materials are not included. A list of supplies and vendors will be provided.

to register for a workshop: call Office Ops @ 718-418-2509 or email me

Private lessons
Private instruction is available for groups or individuals in the following areas: knitting, crochet,sewing, kool aid dyeing.

email for rates and availability

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