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By MonkeyMagic On 04/06/04  

Maybe this is silly, cause sometimes I become beyond sappy.
But in light of the Eternal Sunshine threads, I am going back to the preview for the Garden State. There are few films i really look forward to-lost in tranlation (makes my heart ache), Eternal Sunshine(i enjoyed), and now The Garden State, I wanted to see it based on the fact that it starred Zach Braff, until I saw the preview>
and now I want to explode and fly into a million pieces of confetti, and this is just based on the preview!! it looks amazing and heart breaking and like one of those films I will wish i had written!
anyway. yeah.
my heart hearts and i want to cry. but that's not a bad thing.
Plus the song on the preview, kills me too!!

By antigone On 04/06/04  

oh wow. I wish I felt that way too right now! :) :) :)

By xjessiex On 04/06/04  

did that say 'writer-director zach braff'? that's so neat. if he'd just written and directed the preview i'd be impressed. *sigh* so much talent in the world. i sure could use some.


By MonkeyMagic On 04/06/04  

It did indeed say writer director zach braff. it looks amazing!! ahhhhhhhh

By VioletKarma On 04/06/04  

is Jersey the next Hollywood?

(I hope so, cause I live in NJ and I want to bump into cute actors)

By rawrlie On 04/06/04  

wow, that movie looks amazing. can't wait until 30 july!

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