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By juliatheweird On 04/06/04  

Hi everyone,
I feel a bit weird posting because I've lurked for ages without saying anything..but nevertheless...
I'm a second year graphic design student and am designing a calendar for one of my assignments. I want to do a sort of inspirational calendar with each month dedicated to a positive feeling. That feeling would be reflected in the photography and text. The text would be pieces of poems, maybe quotes - the subject is Typographic Design so I want to use type to reflect the emotion. Anyway...
What emotions do you find positive, make you feel good? Inspire a certain mood? For example, February would be 'love.'
I don't want an overly soppy calendar - no doves or flowers but one with a more uplifting feel. Any ideas? I would really appreciate it...

julia xo

ETA: or do you have any favourite poems that inspire joy in you? Throw out any thoughts, feelings...

By sharem On 04/06/04  

what a beautiful idea...

a word that makes me think inspirational: HOPE

By khimegirl On 04/06/04  

If you're looking for positive words/emotions with month correlations, I have some suggestions:

Cheer (January)
Love (February)
Brave (March)
Hope (April)
Joy (May)
Bliss (June)
Radiant (July)
Sublime (August)
Wonder (September)
Wise (October)
Gratitude (November)
Peace (December)

By Sepia Photo On 04/06/04  

One change, khime girl: Courage (March). I love your list though! :)

By geemers On 04/06/04  

dude, i was just gonna put peace for December... good list! :)

By nicegirl512 On 04/06/04  

I was going to say Hope should be switched to January, and then I realized it's April and I'm *still* hoping that eventually it will be above freezing all the time and I won't have to huddle in front of my sad little space heater to get dressed in the morning. So Hope works for April.

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