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By Alicewonderland On 04/06/04  

For a job I had to do, they put fake eyelashes on my eyes. How in the world do I get these things off! I walked out of the place in full hair and makeup (You wouldn't believe some of the comments I got on my ride home..) and forgot to ask how to take the darn things off!

Usualy they just come off in the shower, but this time they didn't.

Ideas? Help?

By meadow On 04/06/04  

Ouch. Maybe warmer water around that area concentrated like steam?

By MlleEmily On 04/06/04  

Okay, it all depends on what type of glue they used... if it's the spirit-gum type, sort of jelly-like, they should pretty much fall out on their own. However if they used the more permanent glue, you need to use a special remover that is like a solvent-- it smells like nailpolish remover but is not bad for your eyes. Ardell makes it, you should be able to get it at a beauty supply place that sells the lashes themselves.

By DivineMsEm On 04/06/04  

OMG...this is too funny! I just had to comment on this one cause I had the exact same thing happen to me about 3 years ago.

My friend got married and her makeup artist insisted on putting those little small grouped eyelashes in the corner of my eyes. They looked so good but they were stuck on me for about 2 weeks!! They kept getting stuck to the towel when I would try to dry my face! It was a total nightmare.

I ended up just letting them fall off on their own b/c my eyes are super senstive & I was scared to use any removal product.

Good luck to you!!

By xjessiex On 04/06/04  

if you can wait it out, they usually fall off... i wore them for my wedding and now have a fondness for them, so i wear them occasionally. i usually wash my face but leave the lashes on to sleep and they're good and loose in the morning.


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