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By emmi On 04/06/04  

hellooo....ok, i adore my best friend and i love making her gifts. last christmas, i made her a shirt and two memory boxes. for her birthday, i made pretty bedsheets and i sewed her 9 (hee..) pillows. now i'm kinda at a loss as to what else i can make her that says "i love you". any really cool, original ideas? any at all? thank you!!!!

oh yeah, some stuff about her: she loves playing basketball, but can't for awhile because she had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago. she's obsessed with incubus. she's pretty girly and she loves anything and everything i make, so anything goes.

thanks! <3

By Zanni On 04/06/04  

Since you sew and I'm sure as a best friend you know her taste in clothing, maybe you could make her a skirt or shirt or recon one of hers that she's willing to give to the project. Polesmoker just posted some really good links, you might check a few of them out. And has GREAT tutorials for reconstructing clothes.

By antigone On 04/06/04  

You could always make her a little memory book/scrapbook thing about the two of you, what you like to do etc.

ETA: if that's not too much like the memory boxes? I'm not sure what memory boxes are so fill me in if you like :)

By SeraAngel On 04/07/04  

how about making her a bag or a purse, that way she can show it off to everyone..

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