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By nakedfotolady On 04/05/04  

does anybody know how i can get microsoft word for free? i recently did a quick restore on my computer and for some reason the office 2000 someone burned for me won't download, and my computer sisn't come with word. any help would be greatly appreciated!


By Vikarious On 04/06/04  

I think you can sometimes find programs on things like Limewire or Napster type sites. Although with that it's A-quite illegal and the possibilities of getting caught are better and B-you never REALLY know what you're gonna get.

I'd see if anyone else you know has it so you could bum it off them. Just don't go through the registration and you'll be ok.

Also, I'm not a microsoft word user, so I might be retarded and Word might actually be free. So, if that's the case, sorry.

By sunkissedmiss On 04/06/04  

hey ...

Another (more legal) option is to use an open source type program, for example OpenOffice. I'm pretty sure it's free to the public, or at the very least relatively inexpensive. It lets you open word documents, edit them, and even save new files in word mode.

hope that helps! :)

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