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By Polesmoker69 On 04/05/04  

since this style is in now here are some links.
i can remember being a little girl in the 80's and hating skirts like that, to frilly girl-girly for me!
but i might make myself one now.

Jeans to ruffled skirt -
this site has the pictures on how to make a ruffled bottom to your jean skirt or any skirt really!

Sweatshirt into ruffled skirt -
this site had pictures too and a different set of intstructions on how to make a ruffle on a skirt!
i found this site on my never-ending search for coloring book pictures to be turned into my new embroidery projects.
this picture was the first one i came across and i still like -

this is the main page -

take a look its a little interesting.
this site -

this is more for you cross stitching people, its all the tarot cards, i thought it was neat, i dont do any cross stitch but im sure some of you do!
its about beading, it has patterns and pictures, makes it look easy, if your into that kind of thing, then go look!

By Zanni On 04/06/04  

Those are some great links! Thanks for sharing =)

By pinkconfetti On 04/06/04  

a website to make thai wrap pants:

embroidery lessons (something i shall get into eventually):>

how to bind simple books:>


glue advice (OK, i admit, i've only used this site like twice...but it's a cool thing to have bookmarked anyways):>


gromcocontact infofreelance bbs