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By msm On 04/05/04  

i don't know how else to describe it... anyone know what you add to the melted wax/parafin that gives it that "blooming" effect, or like a snowy sky, or like milk curdliing in tea; some aromatherapy candles have it. i'm not talking about the crystallized look.

By thixle On 04/06/04  

It's not an additive. What you do is "whip" the melted wax. To make smooth candles, whip the wax with an egg beater or whisk and pour it into a mold. To make the actual textured candles, wait until the wax is cooled a little (hot, but still liquid and you can touch it without getting burnt). Then whip it and spread it onto a pre-made pillar (or whatever) with a spatula. Just like frosting a cake.

Hope that made SOME sense, and that is the look you want. The candles I described are called "cake candles."

By msm On 04/06/04  

hmm- i used to do that when i made candles in high school in the 70's, when fake-foody looking candles were "in" and i made icecream cones, cupcakes, etc.
but i don't remember them looking like this. but i think maybe you are right; and what i need to do is pour in some whipped wax with some unwhipped; the effect is prettiest when you have the contrast. thanks! i'll report back if this does the trick.

By thixle On 04/06/04  

Like these?>

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