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By LaPeep On 04/05/04  

Ever since my girl almost 3 year old has been potty training she has been on poopy boycott. She can go up to 5 days without pooping. I get very worried because I can tell she is uncomfortable trying to hold it in . Her doctor says to leave her alone no matter how long it takes, not to push her. I am getting so frustrated. Has any anyone else gone through this....

Thanks for any feedback!

By jasmineT On 04/05/04  

Are you using a regular potty or a little one? I remember when I was 3 I would not poop on a big potty because the splash/ plooping noise scared me. Just a thought.

By LaPeep On 04/06/04  

I did get her a small potty but it doesn't matter,
big or small toilet the girl refuses to poop.
Thanks for the reply!!

By thixle On 04/06/04  

How long has she been potty trained? Did anyone ever tell her that poop was dirty/ nasty or raise a fuss about the smell? See, I used to do that, too-- all because everytime someone in my house would "go" someone else would complain. It really made me nervous about going (I've always been sensitive). Try keeping a radio playing in the bathroom all the time- that is what helped me (and I still have to have music or TV noise to poop and I'm 23).

There is a children's book called "Everybody Poops" or "Everyone Poops" that might help you and her out. But yeah, don't make a big fuss about it, it will make it worse. Don't even praise her when she DOES poop (think how embarrased you would be if someone told you you did a good job?)

By looloo On 04/06/04  

I have to agree with thixle on this, don't push it.

Maybe you can give her something that will make her go (not a laxative) but some raisin bran or something high fiber.

It took my girl a while to want to go. There were times where we actually had to put a pull up on her because she was about to go but would scream bloody murder if we suggested the potty.

Also, if she is sitting on a big potty, put something at her feet. It is harder on her with her feet dangling.

My final trick, the one that for some crazy insane reason worked was...I got her to sit on the potty by talking real sweet, then I sat there and rubbed her legs and sang the abc song with her. After a couple of times she wasn't scared anymore.

By LaPeep On 04/06/04  

When she does go and when she doesn't go, I think I having been making too much of it, you are right. She screams too when I suggest the potty, I am trying very hard to keep my emotions intact. She has been potty training for appx 6 -8 months now and she was doing great in the beginning but now is not really interested in keeping her undies clean. I am going to keep some music on next time we try. And I will definately look for the book. Thanks ladies.

By SmudgyCat On 04/06/04  

My FSIL had a similar issue with her daughter. I don't know what exactly they did, but she got over her fear and is now quite content to use the toilet. I'm starting to think that this fear is one of the last phases before toilet training is complete.

By senorcoconut On 04/06/04  

My daughter is going through the same thing. We didn't want her addicted to anything, so we got some xylitol mints. It's a natural sugar. The mints are 100% sweetened with xylitol. They cause a laxative effect in high doses. Bingo! Added benefits include a reduction in ear infections. Xylitol mints are available widely in Europe and are starting to catch on in the states.

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