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By looloo On 04/05/04  

How often should I feel the baby move when I am 39 weeks along? If I am hours away from labor (crosses fingers) would I feel the baby move at all? I have had a really really really bad day and now I can't think of the last time I felt the baby move!

By blissed On 04/05/04  

Try having some fruit juice and lying down on your left side, if you haven't already. I'm at 39 weeks too, and I barely feel the baby moving much at this point. And when I'm stressed out, I don't notice movement at all. Mostly I feel pushing -- every now and then a knee or something presses against my ribs. But most nights at about the same time, or after I have some juice, baby gets a little squirmy. If you're really nervous, call your doctor and ask if you can stop by. They could quickly check and reassure you! As for movement near labor -- I'm curious about that too...

By looloo On 04/05/04  

I can't really lay on my side because I am at work. I am going home now and I will definitely do that there.

By blissed On 04/05/04  

Good luck! Hopefully you're just so stressed and distracted today you haven't noticed the movements... My due date is a week from today, the 12th. I'm trying to be patient!

By melmelon On 04/06/04  

When I was paranoid, I would gently tap on the belly to get a response from lazy baby...sometimes I would have to tap harder than other times...but when my baby came out weighing almost 2 lbs more than her older sister and I was showing alot smaller it was no wonder she didn't move as much...not as much room in there and all...not that I'm saying your baby is going to be huge or anything.

By looloo On 04/06/04  

I got off of work last night and the baby moved from the moment I sat down in the car till late in the night. I guess "he" was just feeling my stress!

By senorcoconut On 04/06/04  

They induced me three weeks with my second after weighing in on the ultrasound at 10lb 7oz. You can do it!!

By jennymeg On 04/06/04  

I remember reading that they get so big at the end that they don't/can't move as much. There is less fluid in the baby house and things are getting snug in there.

By melmelon On 04/07/04  

so that would make this baby 10lbs 12oz, if it keeps in line with its sisters.....better you than me sister!!! ;-P

By looloo On 04/07/04  

oh my god! Maybe it isn't too late to change my mind and my husband can deliver?

By melmelon On 04/07/04  

Well, its not too late for him to get a vasectomy ;-P, I seem to remember telling mine that about every 5-10 minutes of the last trimester, continuosly throughout labour and am still asking when he is going to get one. One morning he'll wake up to discover that I've nailed his "set" to the wall above the mantle with or without him, not sure yet.
But I definitely think your husband should give birth to this one, you delivered the first two, next two are his. Fair's fair.

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