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By Anonymous_Jade On 04/05/04  

How would you display clothing items. I just think clothing items on people look weird, they look better on a manquican or one of those padded body formed stand ups. Know what I'm talking about? Does anyone know where I can buy those? I have two pairs of jeans and two fancy ponchos to display but don't know how.


By copacetic On 04/06/04  

hey anonymous_jade! :)

i lucked out and was able to find one of my mannequins at goodwill --- check the housewares section of your fave thrift store. you could even ask retail stores if they have any broken ones in the backroom that they'd be willing to sell to you! that's how i scored my second mannequin from urban outfitters. :)

with the jeans, i'd suggest just hanging them nicely and taking a pic of them that way. since most mannequins have a post coming out of the bottom center, it's awkward to display pants on them. but i'd think a poncho would definitely look nicer on a body form than on a hanger. just my opinion, of course! ;)

good luck!!!

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