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By outofrange On 04/05/04  

to wear to a may wedding. its a day wedding so i don't want black...

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
however, i've already looked at:
urbanoutfitters, bcbg, bebe, bisou bisou, dollhouse, wetseal, forever 21 and.. i think thats it.

sorry, that kind of narrows down the field a bit.

thanks in advance ladies!! :)

By wingnut1 On 04/05/04  

somebody mentioned on another post and now i can't get off the site...

tons of stuff, really good prices. good luck!

By outofrange On 04/05/04  

awesome! thank you! :)

By caropop On 04/05/04  

if you've got the money to spend, Anthropologie right now is a 1950s springtime explosion.

Last time I was in there, I about died from an overwhelming desire to buy one of everything. (thank god the credit cards are securely in hibernation)

By outofrange On 04/05/04  

thanks guys but i don't have a ton of money to spend. i do love a lot of the dresses on both of those sites though...

By Martita On 04/05/04  

For just browsing, look at JCrew's Special Occasion collection. Much pretty there.

By caropop On 04/05/04  

in that case, Marshalls and TJ Maxx both had a lot of cute summer dresses and skirts in stock

By becca_13 On 04/05/04  

check out rampage

By valagator On 04/05/04  

i agree with Caropop on the Anthropolie selection....... I almost cried everything was just damn cute. I have about another 30 pounds before I will be able to shop there.. but a girl can dream..

By outofrange On 04/05/04  

thanks chicas!
you all rock!

By lizzz On 04/05/04  

Try Nordstroms! If you have one near you. They used to carry these really clean one colored dresses that had spaghetti straps and hidden zippers on the sides to give you little side splits or not. I got one in red for a wedding two years ago and one in black last year for my graduation. It's the best dress ever. I think it was around 40 dollars.

Have you tried thrift stores? If you really dig you can always find really good stuff

By sarahelizabeth On 04/05/04  

i was in old navy this weekend and they had a lot of pretty little sundressy-looking things.

good luck! it's always hard to find a dress when you're really looking for one...

By jtsang On 04/05/04  

any major department store, macys, filenes, robinson's may, lord and taylor, nordsrom, they all have nice wedding wear and often stuff is on clearance in the way back :)

By outofrange On 04/05/04  

all great ideas!
thank you sooooo much girls!!!


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