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By NotSoSupergirl On 04/05/04  

hello, i need help again!

so i've been looking for a 'weekend program' job for a while, and i have an interview for one soon. the reason i want a weekend program job is because they pay a lot more than normal jobs, and then i would have more time for school during the week. (in case your wondering, weekend program jobs are basically jobs where you work 12 or 16 hour days, Sat and Sun. they often offer benefits and all the stuff like a full time job, and they pay very well. it's an effort to fully staff the department on the weekend, it's a hospital thing.)

i'm sure they're going to ask me why i want the job. my question is should i tell them that i'm going to school? i'll be done in 2 years and then i wont want that weekend program job anymore.

but, when i'm done with school, i would not necessarily be leaving the hospital, i would just change jobs. so they may actually be happy to hear this.

thanks for the help!

By looloo On 04/05/04  

I don't think that mentioning that you are going to school would be a bad thing. I am sure they would be happy to know that they might have you there for 2 whole years. It sounds like they may have a high turn over rate.

By Martita On 04/05/04  

I wouldn't say that you won't want the position after you are done with school but your current scheduale is definitely a valid reason for wanting the position now!

By lizzz On 04/05/04  

If you aren't leaving school for 2 years don't worry about it. That's really a long time away. I really think people like to know that they are hiring makes you look like you have goals in your life!

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