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By SublimeStitcher On 04/04/04  

Hey you! Yeah, you. I need more of your cute promo things (stickers, button, handbills and lightweight whatnot) for my shipments.

Send them here but quick:

Sublime Stitching
PO Box 15130
Austin, TX 78761

Anyone else? I'm finally getting a bunch of promo cards, so I'll send some of my things out as well.

Okay? Okay!

By alison rose On 04/05/04  

You'll receive something from me soon! thanks,

By cinnachick On 04/05/04  

I drop you some of my photo biz cards today.


By funkyutopia On 04/05/04  

I'll send some goodies your way tomorrow. Here's my info, I'd be glad to promote ya!

Nicole Theis
Funky Utopia
PO Box 1092
Seymour, TN 37865


By toomuchglue On 04/05/04  

sending some your way - got my patterns, Jenny. Thanks!

By myrrh On 04/06/04  

I'll be sending out a batch to you this weekend, as well as a fw others who mentioned they need more (Plain Mabel, JennyMeg, etc).

Have a good week!

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