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By none On 04/04/04  

does anyone have a Holga camera ( my bf just ordered one for me as a birthday gift. i haven't used a film camera in ages, but i'm very excited!

is it hard to find places that develop medium format film? is it more expensive? any tips for my first roll? what size are the prints?

(hoping Tracy reads this)

By none On 04/04/04  

o thanks! i didn't search the craft board :\

By tracey On 04/05/04  


all your q's have been answered already but i'll say have fun :) i haven't used mine in a while because i'm trying to save money by shooting digital for a while

my last roll turned out like this >>

the borders i have on them where made in photoshop because getting them done in the lab would cost me another 20 bucks. eeeep.

i get mine printed as 5x5's - if i planned on shooting alot of medium format or 35mm, i'd invest in a film scanner because developing costs can be really high

By achin to be On 04/05/04  

i just want to add: if you are lazy like me, (and live in the us)i found a mail order photo developing place that takes medium format. the prices are ok, and they offer *borders* on the pictures! yay!

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