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By sarah_1717 On 04/04/04  

i bought some differant coloured bandanas at a fest. this weekend cuz they were only a buck and pretty colours! Is there a way i can wash them or something to make them more worn-in and not so stiff....and also, does anyone know how to make any cute stuff with them??

By orangeaum On 04/04/04  

whenever i buy a new bandana i put it in my sink or in a bowl or pot overnight with water (hot at the start) with a good dose of laundry detergent. then i proceed to mix it around on and off till i go to sleep. and leave it in there overnight, maybe even two nights is super stiff. i usually throw it in the washer and dryer after this poccess. this gets out all the starch and crap. i've put a shoe in with a bunch of bandanas once (in the dryer) and it worked pretty well to make them somewhat worn in. to get that used look i think you have to wear them. every bandana has to start some where. have fun.

By scaredsilly On 04/05/04  

Bandanas are good for lots of stuff. They're really easy to work with because they are already hemmed. Here are some ideas I thought of; I'm sure there are lots more:

-sew two together and make a pillow
-sew ribbon along the top and make an apron
-sew a few together and make a wrap skirt
-cut them up for colorful patches or trimming
-sew three sides together, make a strap = bag
-fold them into triangles and use for your hair
-fold them into triangles for pet bandanas
-fold into a strip to tie your hair back with
or to use as a headband
-use for colorful table napkins or placemats
-use them to cover a yucky table surface

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