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By Vikarious On 04/04/04  

Ok. I just ran to Mervyns and while searching for my plain, boring khaki skirt, I came across this fun pink and red skirt. It's kinda A-line with big red, white and pink flowers all over it. And then it's got this cute red ribbon/bow thing on it.

It's definately a certain "style" and one that I usually wouldn't wear, but I love red and just couldn't really resist.

So here's my question. I'm a size 16/18. Because of this, I typically stick to solid colors for my bottoms. Can I wear a bold print like this? Will it call too much attention to my hips and butt?

I'm prepard for you answers. I can handle having to return the skirt for something less "Lookie here!"
Every time I try something on I picture Clinton and Stacey standing behind me saying "Are you really gonna wear that??"

I want to look good, not feel like I look good, so please, if you can, don't give me any of this "If you like it, wear it" stuff. Cause I want other people to like it on me too. Ya know what I'm saying?

Be Brutal if you must.

By mishymisu On 04/04/04  

Yeah, It will probably draw more attention to your hips and bottom, but my co-worker is a big lady and always wears super loud bright things and always looks amazing in them. I think as long as you pair it with a dark top, maybe something with a bit of a blazer look that will come down over your hips a little or that has a bright ribbon "belt" higher than your natural waist to draw the eye up, you should be fine. It certainly sounds cute.

By funkyutopia On 04/04/04  

well, actually i'm in the same size range and LOVE bold and bright skirts during the warmer months! i wear colorful fabrics for several reasons. one because they give me energy and make me feel good, which transends outward and makes me look good. two because the colorful patterns and loud colors draw attention to the skirt, not my flaws! the trick is to wear a flattering CUT skirt in the correct size and then you can wear any color/pattern that suits you. if you stick to a-line skirts made with substantial fabrics, you will look great everytime! the skirt you found sounds fun and flattering, enjoy it!!

By Suri01 On 04/05/04  

You can wear a paper bag and look good as long as you wear it with confidence.I try to be stylish and match and when I have confidence watch out. Just flaunt it and be happy, can you tell I am having a good day today? :)
"Every time I try something on I picture Clinton and Stacey standing behind me saying "Are you really gonna wear that??" "
OMG I always think that as well, yay I love what not to wear!

By anniebeegoode On 04/05/04  

just want to second the comment about a flattering cut being the most important thing.

i look for skirts that are not clingy or tight anywhere...that don't pull through thighs or cling to the rear end. i love A-line skirts
because they are so flattering on my rear/thighs.
so, if it's a good fit, then i wouldn't worry one bit. it's sounds like a lot of fun!

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