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By BethG2 On 04/04/04  

I know a lot of glitter ladies have just picked up and moved themeselves to other places and I'm thinking of doing the same.

-I like what I do (librarian) but not where I do it
-Fiance got laid off so nows the time

We're thinking about just up and moving to Chicago if I can get a job

Any success stories? Any Tips? Thanks.

By researchasaurus On 04/04/04  

Be brave and do it. It's never 100% painless to make a big move, but in my opinion it's much better to take the chance than to sit there wallowing in dissatisfaction.

And I'm in Chicago AND a librarian so of course I think you should come here! I can't say much about the job market since I've only had one job in an archives since I got here and I don't have plans to change it anytime soon, but...

Check out the Illinois Library Association job listings, for starters:

Good luck! And let me know if you have more questions. There are others on here with much more knowledge of the city too.


By gretel On 04/06/04  

Hallo, I mostly lurk and absorb from all ye craftykind ladies, except when I really think I can be helpful. In this case, I do work at the American Library Association in Chicago, and have bookmarked a bunch of job-sites for library-types, so here you go...(BTW, I grew up here, went to San Fran for writerly reasons, and returned 2 years later to this hearty city, which I do recommend. *So Much* there is, here, in the way of art, music, literature, and community, if you can deal with the inherent weather-flaw of this place. (THE ALA website is a bit erratic right now,just try back later if you get an error message). -- Happy hunting--
*Scroll down to the bottom where it says, "support staff"
*scroll down to where it says, "library job listings"
* this is a list of staff support positions in libraries
* info on being a library assistant
* this one is the big kahunna, I think, with a jobline & everything...
* library joblines to call
* job line from American Libraries magazine

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