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By kayke On 04/04/04  

I saw it last night, and... wow. I highly reccomend it to anyone who has been in love, is currently in love, or who is, or ever has been, alive. It was so intense and mine-blowing that I couldn't speak for some time after it was over. And Beck does the closing song. *sigh* See it, see it, see it. And, surprisingly enough, I really liked Jim Carrey, and I usually make a point to avoid his movies...


By esyla On 04/04/04  

Oh man, everything you said is so true. It was the most beautiful movie I have seen in a while. Geesh! And the thing abuot Jim Carrey - totally. But he was like a completely new actor, it was amazing. Really made me think about things. I have to admit, I did go and talk to my exboyfriend and apolgize for being a jerk after seeing the movie.

By Knittinator On 04/04/04  

I agree with what they said!!! Particularly the comments on Jim Carey. Any movie where he doesnt annoy me gets bonus points. I knew I would like this movie because of the writer and director involved but I didn't know it would be THAT good. Im not very articulate when it comes to things like this so all I can say is GO SEE IT.


PS-Also did anyone else notice that Kate was sporting some kick ass scarves? But thats a topic for "Discuss Crafts"=)

By kayke On 04/04/04  

Did anyone else want to walk on the beach in the snow when you saw it?? I sure as heck did. Too bad I'm newly single...

By lems On 04/04/04  

i was so happy that jim carrey did not suck in this movie. i had high hopes for him, and he met them. and i never realized kate winslet was such a good actress either, i haven't seen her in anything but titanic.

this movie had so many beautiful images and was so so touching. the part where he took her to his most repressed memory and they were both kids? cried like a little girl. "i wish i knew you when you were a kid." loved it.

eta - my boyfriend even liked it alot, and he's totally not an artsy-romantic movie type guy.

By lostin1derland On 04/04/04  

Your completely right. I actually LIKED Jim Carey for the first time ever .
Ah it was so beautiful!

By aphasia On 04/04/04  

Yes, it was an amazing movie. Parts of it keep coming back to me at strange times. I think I'll see it again.

By oldskoolgeek On 04/04/04  

My husband and I went to see it the first weekend it opened and we loved it. This and the "Truman Show" are the only Jim Carey movies I like.

What amazed me was the theatre was packed and at least 20 people walked out on it!!! Why is it that the general public can't stomach a different, more artistic film occasionally, but can line up to see Scooby Doo 2 a dozen times?

By naturallysteph On 04/04/04

(I started this same thread a while back! I loved the movie, too. CraftyChicaAZ got to interview Charlie Kaufman and I am insanely jealous.)

Thread hijack:

Why does everyone despise Jim Carrey so much? Am I the only one who has seen Man on the Moon, The Truman Show, The Majestic, or even The Mask (when he doesn't wear the mask, he is a very "normal" person)? I understand if people can't take his physical comedy -- it's definitely not for everyone, even though I personally enjoy it -- but I still haven't figured out why so many people are surprised to see that he is a good actor. I don't think he would have survived this long, or would have gotten such good parts if he was really so one-sided. My two cents.


By oldskoolgeek On 04/05/04  

I'm not surprised that Jim Carrey is a good actor- he does have it in him, I'm surprised when he actually picks a good script. I find his performances in several of his movies to be too over the top and the characters annoying -- the Ace Ventura movies, Dumb and Dumber, Cable Guy, the Mask (sorry, I didn't like it) Me, Myself and Irene -- I rented Bruce Almighty recently and found it so unfunny for a comedy. And all the characters in those movies seem the same: nice guy who somehow loses his inhibitions and makes loud sounds and facial contortions until his gets the hot girl.

By scifininja On 04/04/04  

1. I saw the movie the night it came out, and as my friends and I were driving to our next destination I called my mom and told her I wanted it for my birthday, it was so great. I usually don't like to see movies more than once.
2.I haven't been on a date for almost three years, and I'm not anywhere near having one anytime soon. I'm very very single. Still thought it was great.
3. I hate Jim Carrey. He used to be one of my favorite actors in the universe. Then I met a guy who looked like Jim Carrey, acted like Jim Carrey and was also crazy about Jim Carrey. I thought it was spectacular, and we went out, for about three days, I couldn't stand Jim Carrey anymore after a few hours of the Jim-Carrey-wannabe guy.
Very good movie.
In the previews was some movie called 'saved!' Anybody think that movie looks good?
weird al. barney.

By naturallysteph On 04/04/04  

scifininja -- Well, that's why I have the "would have gotten such good parts if he was really so one-sided" part to my argument. I am very aware that there are lots of people out there who have made a good living doing something that many people find appaling. But the difference between Jim Carrey and Weird Al is that Weird Al is always Weird Al, and Jim Carrey has been both Ace Ventura and Joel Barish.

Not to diss on Weird Al, though. He's a smart cookie.

And I agree that Saved! looks like fun. Love me some dark humor.


ETA: Sucks about your ex-boyfriend. (Very understandable for you to cringe at Carrey films.)

By lostin1derland On 04/05/04  

Saved! does look very good also. It imagine it will be pretty controversial when it comes out, and it will be interesting to see if that hurts or helps the movie.

To answer the question about Jim Carey, I think that the problem is that he seems to go to extremes. He is, in my opinion, unwatchably over the top in Ace Ventura, and incredibly depressing in The Truman Show. I think what impressed everyone is that for the first time, he achieved a balance in a character and created someone believable.

Just my 2 cents

By flibbleflab On 04/05/04  

I loved Eternal Sunshine movie so much, so so so much--I cried the whole night, the whole next day at my shitty day job, and then really lost it after work. And then, honestly based on the reaction this movie caused, and everything it brought up, my 3.4 year first-love-virginity-losing-I-swear-we're-meant-for-each-other-once-these-"obstacles"-go-away relationship ended. I'm 28, with a lot of reasons to hang on to that. But i guess we couldn't. That's how gd good this gd movie is.

And I love Jim Carey. There are no other actors who go to those extremes--Liar Liar is a classic and one of the few moview I own. He is pure commitment to his characters. And yeah, sometimes he's boring and he's rich enough to be lazy. Like that horrible movie about him redoing a movie theatre in the 40's? Bleh.

By Laurasia_ On 04/05/04  

I LOVED this movie! I actually like Jim Carey (and LOVED him in this). He is a very intense actor, whether he's doing drama, character acting or physical comedy. I think that's probably what irks people about him...he puts the same intensity into whatever type of role he's playing, be it comedy or drama. Anyway, my favorite thing about this movie was the weird balance of realism that it had. I mean, if you break it down, the whole story could have easily been turned into a bad Ben Affleck sci-fi movie (Paycheck anyone?). Instead, they took an utterly unrealistic premise (memory erasing) and played it out with a completely realist style...and it worked beautifully!
I also wanted to say that I love Kate Winslet even more now. She's so beautiful and she is such a good actress.

By kungfugirl On 04/05/04  

I didn't love this movie. It was good, but didn't blow me away or anything. It's weird that I've heard it described as this big romantic date movie, because it had such a bleak view of relationships that it made me think, 'well if all relationships end up with couples alternatly bitching and having nothing to say to each other, I'd rather be single.' What's so romantic about the two getting back together when you know they're just going to end up in the same situation?

By Laurasia_ On 04/05/04  

Here's my take on why it was romantic--
because all relationships are going to have bitching and running out of things to say to each other at some point and if you can take the bitching and the boredom and still love someone and want them in your life, even with all their faults...well, to me, that's love! I thought it was truly romantic, as opposed to hollywood's fantasy of romance where everything ends with the first kiss or the wedding, when really, that's where the story begins. I thought it was very romantic that they got back together, risking going through the same fighting and boredom. My take on the overall theme was that it is better to risk getting yourself hurt to have those experiences (the good with the bad) with someone rather than to have no experiences with a person at all.

By Hester On 04/05/04  

kungfugirl, because we're friends, I'll feel free to give my 2 cents (although I probably would anyway). ;-)

I thought it was romantic because they knew they would end up at that place again and came to the conclusion that it was still worth it.

I think every normal relationship hits that stage at some point, at least once - the good ones bounce back.

The quality & content of their bitching was rather benign too. You could tell it was the state of mind they were in at the time. And although there might be a kernel of truth in what they were bitching about, it wasn't a good overall representation of how they felt about the person and the relationship as a whole.

By none On 04/05/04  

jim carrey in dumb & dumber, brilliant! i loved him in 'in living color' but haven't seen many of his movies. sounds like this is a good one though!

By kungfugirl On 04/06/04  

Yeah, I guess I just didn't see enough of the good parts of their relationship to warrant it as being any different than your basic first love that winds up having been a joke in retrospect. I mean, everyone's felt like this about someone more than once, haven't they? My first love totally broke my heart, and I never thought I'd get over him or meet anyone as great, but I did, and now I'm so glad we never gave it a second chance. What they had just didn't seem all that unique to me, I guess.

By Hester On 04/06/04  

I loved how they would act out killing each other by smothering the other with a pillow.

Twisted and cute!

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