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By lindalinshops On 04/04/04  

I looked at PlainMabel's website and am definately a fan of the shopping cart. I am now attempting to use Mal's E commerce cart. I am having a really hard time with setting the shipping charges. I want to charge for shipping based on order total. The options listed for Mal's are so confusing? What option am I suppose to choose to do that? Am I suppose to fill out that "zones" table? HELP!! very confused!!

By plainmabel On 04/04/04  

Thanks!! What are you selling? If your items pretty much all weigh the same and cost the same to ship (like only jewelry or purses), you can use one of the easiest options -- Option 2: Calculated from Quantity. I use Option 5 since all of my items are different. I set each item to be a specific number of units (for example, jewerly items are 1, big stuffed animals are 3 or 4), and the number of units corresponds to the prices I set in the shipping zones at the bottom of the Mal's shipping page.

I hope that helps and doesn't confuse things more!

By SublimeStitcher On 04/04/04  

I don't have anything that's helpful except I want to say that I find the language utterly confusing too. I would read, and re-read the descriptions of how to set up the tables...and be completely clueless as to what I'd just read. Now that it's set up, I love the Mal's cart, but the last thing I managed was the shipping settings.

My shipping is set up like this:

One unit= .50 and each product I sell has a unit value associated with it.

For example, one pack of patterns = one unit (.50 s/h). Two patterns will add up to $1.00 s/h and so on. Kits are worth something like 6 units, or $3 s/h. All my shipping charges are cumulative this way. This may sound really bizarre, but since I have so many items that vary in shipping weight, it made the most sense.

By lindalinshops On 04/04/04  

Thanks Ladies! That really helped! I'm still in the process of setting up my website. I'm selling apparel and accessories. It should be ready for viewing soon! I'll send you gals the link to critique!

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