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By Vikarious On 04/04/04  

I'd like to be able to dance. Or maybe at least have some kind of clue so I don't look like a retard if I go to a club or something.

Plus, I'd like to lose some weight.

Are there any good dance/workout videos to do? Like the grind, but maybe more up to date? And maybe preferably something I could get either from NetFlix or maybe find at the library?

Something upbeat, not to hard, for beginners.


By Rochelle On 04/04/04  

I have two paula abdul dance videos, they are pretty good, and probably cheap too, because they are from a few yrs back
one is called get up and dance and the other is cardio dance.

By aspiring On 04/05/04  

I'm hoping the punk rock aerobics crew will come out with a video! I have no suggestions, though, sorry! But the library is always the best place to start your search! After that, check the bargain bins where videos are sold.

By nicegirl512 On 04/05/04  

It's so cheesy, but I totally wanted Darren's Dance Grooves when they were advertising it a couple of years ago. It looked like so much fun. I still kind of want it. I wonder if anyone has it on

By WildSnowflake On 04/05/04  

my b/f ackkk fiance! got me Carmen Electra's workout but I haven't had a chance to try it.>

PS: I asked for it...


By guttergrrl On 04/05/04  

FWIW, the website Put Down the Donut reviewed those Carmen Electra tapes favorably.


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