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By Vikarious On 04/04/04  

I'd really like to be a coupon user. Every Sunday I scour the ads, looking for coupons to clip.

I find it hard, and there aren't lots of coupons for things I'd acutally buy. But I'm going to make an effort anyway. Especially since I'll be living frugally in a few months.

Can you give me some tips on using coupons? Where to find them? How best to use them (stores here don't offer double coupon days). And specifically how to store/organize them. Do you do it by exp. date? Product type?

Help me save money!

By valagator On 04/04/04  

my advice is to only buy items you have on your list. Most coupons that come in the newspaper are for items that are over priced to begin with. I rarely find things that I would actually buy. SO if you just do not see something you would normally buy, then don't just purchase something that is most likely more expensive with a coupon that what you would already purchase.

One way to make sure you are getting the best deal is to look and see how much you are paying per ounce/ etc. YOu will find that to be where you find the most savings.

The problem I find with coupons is A. I rarely find a product I would use. B. They only offer a savings if I purchase multiples. C. I forget and they expire.

As far as where to use them, call local supermarkets and ask them what thier coupon policy is.. do they offer double coupon days? Triple? Will they match lowest prices from competitors?

There are books/websites where people have cut thier food expense by half or more.. but they always seem to belong to a rebate club.... or they purchase food in bulk and not everyone has the time/resources to spend more to save in the long run.

I would say to just maybe go to the library and check out some books on the topic.. my fav is the tightwad gazette.... the book however is geared towards people who are struggling with a family..or who really want to go gungho.... so you have to glean what you can and make your decisions based on that.. something we should do anyhow.

Good luck!

By favorgrl On 04/04/04  

I organize my expire date, it's easiest for me to keep up with. I clip a lot of coupons, but I don't use very many. There are some things that I probably wouldn't buy if they weren't on sale AND I had a coupon. Most of the stores around here have really good buy one get free sales. Cheerios aren't my favorite cereal, but when it's buy one get one free and I can save a dollar, it's kind of hard to pay $3 for the cereal I do like when Cheerios are $1 a box.


By mgdriver On 04/04/04  

i'm really, really, REALLY frugal, and i don't use that many coupons. most of them just get you to buy stuff you weren't ever thinking about buying in the first place! take a look at the tightwad gazette books, and the info about price books, and you will really save money!

By invisilurker On 04/04/04  

If you clip coupons, and there are lots you don't use, you could always be on a lookout for things you have them for, and just leave the coupon on the shelf with the product. My mom and I do this at the commisary, and so do other people. so it evens out, because sometimes we get free coupons for stuff we were going to get anyways, that someone was nice enough to leave there.

By CraftinFool On 04/05/04  

I clip coupons but again, mainly just ones for things we already use. I get them from the paper and sometimes from product websites. We get some pretty good ones for restaurants in the area too, from Valpak in the mail.

I store them in a small platic organizer - kind of like a small tickler file that has a pocket for each month, and I put them in the month it will expire. Then my husband goes thru them before doing the grocery shopping to see if he'll use any of them.

By SeraAngel On 04/05/04  

I rarely use coupons, and it's true that they only have them if they are trying to market a new item or it is already too expensive.
I just look for sales...

* ETA - there are websites that have coupons that you can search and printout. I'm not sure which sites they are because they are mostly only applicable to the U.S. not Canada...

I googled a few sites and homemade simple has a some offers for coupons for mr.clean, swiffer etc....that you can sign up for.

Cool savings

By crazybones On 04/05/04  

I second the Tightwad Gazette; it has a lot of really good advice

By whywhyzee On 04/05/04  

I always like:

For money saving tips.

By Milke On 04/05/04  

I have ended up paying half or a quarter of a grocery bill, but having coupons that doubled up to a dollar onto their amount really helped (though the SoCal grocery strikes didn't, so maybe it balances out). I clip coupons for everything I might ever possibly use, and file by product type. Sometimes the front sections of Sunday papers have some really good ads, too.

If you find a way for something to come out free or costing a few cents, buy it. 50 cent coupons that double make dollar items free, but even if you can't get doubles, you can sometimes use a coupon on clearance items. That's a good way to get really cheap makeup. Er, there's lots more. has boards with a ton of info too. is helpful if it applies to an area you're in, too.

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